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Video: Cop watching - Park Ranger watching - FTP Portland

FTP Film The Police
Here are a couple recent videos {centered around the topic of filming the police with the idea in mind of "police accountability" and watching how they inter act within the community.

In both these videos there is nothing super exciting to watch in the actual video; but the documentation and information from the interaction is important to us all, and now it is recorded, and shared, and the video lens of independent media is on the law enforcement agents, which is the paramount beginning of publicly recording, how they treat the citizens they serve.
The first video show a park ranger whom I have conversations with in the past, is warning a man resting on his sleeping bag that he is in violation of a city code.

"Ranger Watching 10 24 13 South Park Blocks" (No laying on a Sleeping Bag in the Park) - 8:45 minute video
(no arrest)

The second video happens as I see a police car turn up the street the wrong way and park on the trolley track to stop and arrest a man.
"copwatching on SW 10th street Portland Oregon 10.25.13" - 5:14 minute video
(person arrested)

Also it is good to know, there is here in the Portland "area" the FTP folks (Film The Police) who have a facebook page and meet up about once a week to film the police in Portland (usually but not always) on Saturday evenings!

You can find FTP (YouTube) video links here on Facebook:

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com/id11.html