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The Mountain Moving Cafe: Exploring Collectives at Work

Mountain Moving Cafe was a beloved institution in '70s Portland but this evening will be more than nostalgia; it will be an opportunity to talk about what it takes to make a collective work.
The free program will be on at 7 pm Thursday, November 14 in the Browsing Lounge/238 Smith Memorial Center, Portland State University, 1825 SW Broadway featuring four members of the original collective: Andy Clark, Ellen Goldberg, Kiera O'Hara and Peter Thacker.
The Mountain Moving Collective's consciously anti-profit cafe opened in 1975 offering Portland's earliest vegetarian menu and attracting both alternative and mainstream patrons.

Daily community programming included political presentations, organizing meetings plus local and nationally touring performers. No men were allowed at Wednesday's Women's Night. The collective provided child care, sparking restaurant children's playrooms in town. The bulletin board changed monthly, highlighting the organization currently receiving the tips

The Cafe was a catalyst for discussions and action among progressives, and provided a much-loved community center, for women and men, both gay and straight together, until they lost the space in 1979.

Co-sponsored by The Center for Women, Politics & Policy @ PSU

More information  info@occupyhistory.us historyofsocialjustice.wordpress.com www.facebook.com/historyofsocialjusticek

homepage: homepage: http://historyofsocialjusticeorganizing.wordpress.com/

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