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Sick Of The Rallies, Want Actual Change

in late 2013, any rally:

- labor
- anti-war
- anti-corporate


seems far more laughable, ineffectual and pathetic than such actions had ever seemed (and yes they were actually seeming somehwhat effective back then, imho...) in late 1990s or early 2000s.

even if the numerical turnout happens to be good.
(Look at the excellent Occupy turnout for example)
What can be


(to effect change, that is)

and yeah I acknowledge that the grassroots community activities / barter / non-corporate industry etc. is something... and it's all good as well as incrementally effective.

but that is not the scope or magnitude of 'change' I'm referring to.

................. 09.Nov.2013 07:46


Occupy fell apart because on the ground level no one wanted to radicalize it. Occupy never had any sort of ideology and no one was willing to push for one other than in incredibly infantile and destructive ways. People put themselves and their egos over the movement itself. Or no one tried to speak to the movement. The only arguments that even came out of occupy were about "tactics." Given the character of the movement itself that's almost comically ludicrous. It's like religious folk who preach to homeless people about "being happy in Jesus." Or too many people just wouldn't legitimize it. Too arrogant. They are the revolution, and if you aren't aware they exist why bother?