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Rally Against Corporate Greed

Monday, November 4th 10:00 AM
Esther Short Park in Vancouver

For updates on the grain negotiations and the Lockout of ILWU workers, see www.LongshoreShippingNews.com
Join longshore workers, local clergy, community activists, family members and interested citizens at a rally against corporate greed.

Absurd hb 03.Nov.2013 15:31


... because the reason for needing $46 more in food stamps is because of billions of bucks spent on corporate welfare, whose executives are billionaires, & which corporations & executives dodge billions in taxes, & the bailing out of crooked bankers who pick-pocketed every American, of billions. It's about corporate greed, as the o.p. said. Only thing that trickles down from the corrupted liars at the economic top, is piss.

how did it go? 04.Nov.2013 19:12

no surrender

anyone know? hope turnout was good.

Was There 05.Nov.2013 18:31

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

The rally in the Park drew about 300 from various unions, mostly ILWU, of course, from Vancouver, Portland, & even Seattle, plus some of us Greenpeacers who a couple hours earlier sent off Rainbow Warrior. The rally was good, with several union speakers, plus an Episcopal priest from Battle Ground. We next took a walk to the local office of Mitsui's United Grain, where we rallied for a while, even taking up two of the three lanes of Washington St, with the help of a local cop, whose car blocked motorists from our lanes. Next many of us got in our cars, drove across the bridge & onto Marine Drive, with a rolling slow-down & eventual stoppage around Port of Portland's grain elevator. Traffic backed up at least a mile, for about an hour & a half, till Portland police intervened.