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Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior in Vancouver WA

Saturday 10-5
Sunday 10-5
You can board Rainbow Warrior this weekend at The Landing, in Vancouver WA, on the Columbia, just downriver from I-5 bridge. Do it!

video of tour of the boat in Seattle 03.Nov.2013 11:38

Ben Waiting


Rainbow Warrior tour, Seattle, Oct. 27, 2013 by Todd Boyle

email about Greenpeace Flagship the Rainbow Warrior 03.Nov.2013 15:09

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Contact: Joe Smyth, 831-566-5647,  joe.smyth@greenpeace.org

Greenpeace Flagship, the Rainbow Warrior, arrives in Vancouver, WA for First Visit

October 31, 2013 - Vancouver, WA - The Rainbow Warrior, Greenpeace's unique
flagship, has arrived for its first visit in Vancouver, Washington to support
activists and community leaders working to keep coal export terminals out of the
Pacific Northwest. The ship will be open for public tours on Saturday, November 2nd
and Sunday November 3rd, from 10am until 5pm at Vancouver Landing on the Columbia
River. Advance media tours of this unique ship and interviews with the captain and
crew are available today, October 31, from 10:30am until 5pm.

"Our battle against coal export here in Longview is not just a local fight; we are
fighting for the health of the world," said Gayle Kiser, President of Landowners and
Citizens for a Safe Community. "Just as I'm fighting for my grandchildren, people
around the world are standing up to the fossil fuel industry and the damage it
causes to our communities and our climate." Longview residents joined Greenpeace
activists to display banners that said "Stop Coal Exports" and "End the Age of Coal"
as the ship sailed past the site of a proposed coal export terminal in Longview,
Washington on Wednesday.

Greenpeace's ships have a long history of supporting efforts to protect the
environment, from preventing nuclear testing to the protest of a coal export bulk
carrier off the coast of Australia earlier this year, and have served as platforms
for scientific research, including discovering a new species in the Bering Sea
Canyons. Last month another Greenpeace ship, the Arctic Sunrise, was seized by
Russian authorities after a protest against Arctic oil drilling.

The current Rainbow Warrior is the newest addition to the Greenpeace fleet and the
first ship to be built specifically for the organization using a creative
crowd-sourcing website which allowed supporters to "sponsor" individual parts of the
ship, starting with just a $1 bolt. It features some of the most environmentally
friendly sailing technology available and 13,500 square feet of sail on two 180 feet
tall "A Frame" masts.

The ship is docked at Vancouver Landing, West of 100 Columbia Street, Vancouver, WA

Photos of the ship sailing past the proposed coal export terminal in Longview,
Washington  http://www.flickr.com/photos/greenpeaceusa09/sets/72157636809805444/

Details about the Rainbow Warrior

Information about the West Coast tour

Contact: Joe Smyth, 831-566-5647,  joe.smyth@greenpeace.org

Free the Arctic 30 - Petition 03.Nov.2013 16:52

Arctic Sunrise Supporter

 link to www.greenpeace.org

Free the Arctic 30
The crew of the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise took part in a peaceful protest at Gazprom's oil rig to call attention to the threat of oil drilling and climate change. The ice is retreating and oil companies are moving north to drill for the same stuff that's driving that melting in the first place. It's madness.

These brave activists looked at the scientific evidence of man made global warming and the threat it poses to the Arctic, and decided to do something about it. A freelance photographer and videographer were there simply to document their protest. Just as in years past, the resolve and courage required to win a better future for our children requires personal sacrifice, a sacrifice the Arctic 30 are now making. They made their stand in the interests of us all.

Now we must come together and stand with them.

Tell Russia to Release Greenpeace Activists

Arctic Activists28 Greenpeace activists, a freelance photographer and a freelance videographer have been charged with hooliganism in Russian Courts. The charge carries with it a maximum sentence of 7 years in a Russian prison.

The Arctic 30 were on the scene of a peaceful protest at an off-shore oil platform owned by Russian oil giant Gazprom. When they arrived, the Russian Coast Guard fired warning shots and threatened the activists' lives. Then, Russian Coast Guard officers illegally boarded and seized the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise via helicopter.

Peaceful activism is vital when governments fail to respond to catastrophic climate change, and this disproportionate response is purely to intimidate people who stand up to companies and countries that are causing global warming.

Please join our activists in becoming an Arctic Defender. Sign our petition to Russia's US ambassador demanding Russia release the activists, the immediate withdrawal of the Russian Coast Guard from the Greenpeace ship, and an end to offshore oil drilling in the Arctic for good.

Pictures on the link :]
Petition on the link :]

 link to www.greenpeace.org