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Senator Wyden's BLM Clear-Cut Scheme Exposed

Senator Wyden is proposing to dramatically increase logging on 2.6 million acres of Oregon's BLM O & C lands across Western Oregon. One local group is exposing this scheme to Oregonians via a commercial billboard on Interstate 5 in Eugene, Oregon.
Please consider sending this image to Senator Wyden's offices once a week, once a month, or whenever you have a few moments to spare.
Billboard on I-5 Exposing Senator Wyden's BLM Logging Scheme
Billboard on I-5 Exposing Senator Wyden's BLM Logging Scheme
U.S. Senator Wyden in an attempt to appease the wealthy timber barons of Oregon and big timber dependent local governments in Lane, Douglas, Jackson, and other O & C counties, is publicly proposing to introduce legislation that would dramatically increase native forest and clear-cut logging by adopting the "Norm Johnson and Jerry Franklin Pilot Projects" as his preferred BLM management regime across 2.6 million acres of publicly owned BLM O & C forest lands.

The "Norm Johnson and Jerry Franklin Pilot Projects" are regeneration harvests or a clear-cut. Their Orwellian term used to describe these clear-cuts is "variable retention harvest" or "VRH". Several Norm and Jerry Show Projects have already been auctioned and awarded to Oregon timber barons. To View pictures of a logged Norm and Jerry Pilot Project "Buck Rising" from May 2013 go to  https://picasaweb.google.com/112037980213765028264/BuckRisingUnits1And2Cut#5920273007004695746

Norm Johnson is a Oregon State University Forestry Department Economist and Jerry Franklin is a University of Washington Forestry Ecologists.

In a Salem Statesman Journal video recorded interview on August 21, 2013 Senator Wyden states "The Norm Johnson and Jerry Franklin Projects are the best opportunity to increase harvest levels on O & C lands and keep them there".
At 44 minutes into the interview.
 link to www.statesmanjournal.com

However, Senator Wyden has never mentioned the fact that nearly 1 billion board feet of timber sales on public lands remain under contract and uncut. Nor does Senator Wyden or any Democrat Congress person or Governor mention the current rampant raw log exports to Asia by the big timber elite.

Another "Norm and Jerry Show Pilot" timber sale, White Castle Sale, has been auctioned to Roseburg Lumber, one of the largest tree fiber operations on the west coast that is solely owned by Allyn Ford. This timber sale is located in the headwaters of Myrtle Creek from which the town is named inside Douglas County south of Roseburg, Oregon. Since June 2013 the Cascadia Forest Defenders have initiated a citizen's injunction by installing a series of tree-sits throughout Unit 8. see forestdefensenow.com

There are several more "Norm and Jerry Projects" in the works for the Eugene and Salem BLM Districts.

If you want to help keep this billboard on I-5 or help out any other way, contact us.

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