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9/11 ... So What?

The evidence that we were lied to about 9/11 is straightforward and blatant. It has been researched, verified, and laid on the table for all to see. It is really not hard to convince most honest, open minded people who are not in denial, if you focus on the evidence. But where can they go from there? They can sign a petition, sure, but that is not enough.
The other side of the coin is another big question: what do we have to do to "win" on 9/11? Is it a matter of convincing a large number of people, or certain key people, or winning court battles, or politically maneuvering to bring pressure on the government to open a new investigation? All of these are worthy goals, but how likely is it, really, that a new investigation would not be just another whitewash, or that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld will ever go to prison or flee to Paraguay? The larger question is, would such a victory really bring resolution to 9/11? I don't think so.

9/11 did not just happen. 9/11 was a premeditated shock and awe event that was instrumental in a larger plan. It allowed the administration to immobilize the population through fear and manipulate their outrage displaced toward the designated enemy. 9/11 provided cover for a protracted attack on our democratic values and an orgy of outrageous national behavior that defined the entire Bush administration, much of which continues today. 9/11 brought us the fiction of "preemptive" wars as a fig leaf for naked military aggression, the fiction of "illegal enemy combatants," to pretend the Geneva Conventions did not apply, and the fiction of "enhanced interrogation" as though that were any different from torture pure and simple. It brought us routine drone assassinations, the expansion of secrecy, the unleashing of the NSA to conduct universal surveillance, the destruction of nearly every one of our civil liberties, attacks on journalism and the murder of journalists, paranoid fear of immigrants in general and Arabs in particular, and the demonization of Islam as a uniquely violent religion. This list is far from complete.

The 9/11 Truth Movement has uncovered overwhelming evidence that the destruction of the World Trade Center was a crime that required long-term inside access to the buildings, access to military-grade demolition materials, and the ability to coordinate the demolitions with the hijacker scenario, the elaborately staged fumbling of what should have been routine interceptions, and a massive cover-up that began on the day of 9/11. Uncovering the evidence for all this has been a remarkable achievement of the 9/11 Truth Movement, but to address 9/11 fully, we must look beyond the mere fact of government involvement and look at the crimes against democracy that were begun on that day.

This brings us back to the original question. Once people become conscious of the fact that 9/11 was a lie, how can they channel their response? Their essential response must be to demand our democracy back. This can take a thousand forms. We must call for an end to the war on terror, which is in reality an endless reign of terror. We must call for the end of drone assassinations. We must work to end the death-grip of the military industrial complex on our society. We must work to end the dominance of the fossil fuel industry over our government. We must work to end economic polarization of the nation and the influence of money on politics. All of these, and many more areas of potential activism, are responses to the larger crimes against democracy that were launched on 9/11. All of these can be energized by people who have become conscious of the truth of 9/11. Consciousness of the truth, is empowering. It changes who we are and how we understand and interact with the world. As we raise consciousness of the truth we incrementally change the social and political landscape. That is why we must continue to speak out.

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9/11 Was More Than A False Flag 02.Nov.2013 03:06


It was a mass psy-op. It made everybody curl up in the fetal position and compulsively watch CNN! It did nothing but engineer learned fear, bewilderment, and helplessness. Paralysis of the public was the real purpose.

If you want great daily news, go to:

Citizens For Legitimate Government News

If you want the least awful government issue news, try:

McClatchy DC News

I never liked the "occupy" approach where the cops could trash your tent and all your gear. I prefer to march about (mobility is your friend) in unpermitted demonstrations. How about a demonstration around your local county courthouse with signs that say:

"Stop Blowing Up Buildings"

"Stop Terrorizing Us"


And as always, demand that they dump the fake "democracy" that the political scientists and rich foundations have foisted upon us. Read:

 link to simplescorevoting.wordpress.com


 link to simplescorevoting.wordpress.com

Or just make one simple demand! DEMAND POWER!

Substitutions 02.Nov.2013 07:08


The entry works just as well when you fill in "flat earth."

" flat earth " = " War On Terror " 02.Nov.2013 10:51



Inside Job 02.Nov.2013 16:09


deniers go nuts.

curl up in the fetal position and compulsively watch CNN? 03.Nov.2013 03:32


so Ted Turner is in on the conspiracy too?

For ratings of course.. Not because of Islamic crazies, or Halliburton, but to keep CNN's stock price up.

blues, you have busted this caper wide open...

" Islamic crazies / Halliburton " 03.Nov.2013 09:07


Operation Cyclone - U.S. funded (w/ help of Pakistan's ISI) mujahideen 1979-1987, that is how relationship with al Qaeda and bin Laden was originally fostered

like Saddam Hussein, a creation of American CIA covert operations (and to be utilized opportunistically at will / pawned off at any later date)

Halliburton has a substantial oil biz subsidiary, Kellogg Brown & Root aka KBR which is particularly active in the MidEast and near East large projects infrastructure -- for both U.S. military and oil industry. And yes they did gigantically benefit as a result of ensuing post-9/11 illegal invasions and military occupations of multiple sovereign nations. When KBR does business in a war zone, via Pentagon accounting they are reimbursed post-operations with an additional tacked-on bonus profit margin of 2 to 7 percent... adding up to the more they spend, the more they make.

Halliburton was caught accepting kickbacks from Kuwait and overcharging the U.S. Army hundreds of millions of dollars; a $2 million fine was levied against them for one 61 million dollar offense. On top of outright stealing, Halliburton waste of U.S. taxpayer's money in just Iraq has been nothing short of obscene; the company ignored requests from the Army to move their employees out of a 5-star Kuwaiti hotel that was costing $10,000 a day; and Halliburton came under investigation for losing $18 million worth of trucks, computers and office furniture that America taxpayers had paid for. Two former employees testified that brand new $85,000 trucks were routinely totally abandoned for problems as minor as a flat tire.

Prior to leaving Halliburton and becoming U.S. Vice President, Cheney -- during a weekend of quail-hunting -- negotiated a $7.7-billion deal whereby Halliburton would acquire Dresser Industries, a troubled Texas oil drilling equipment supply company who at the time faced billions in asbestos related lawsuits. Bush family was undoubtedly grateful, the Bushes have been closely aligned with Dresser ever since George W.'s grandfather Prescott built up the company as its longest sitting (22-year) board member. When the extent of Halliburton's liability in the Dresser lawsuits became apparent the company's stock plummeted 42 percent -- were it not for the huge government contracts Cheney has since served up to his former employer the ill-advised Dresser merger would probably have pulled Halliburton under.

Halliburton stock took a precipitous dive in the month prior to the attacks, dropping 18.6 percent from August 6th thru September 10th 2001 while its prime competitor, Schlumberger, stock only dropped a tiny 3.7 percent; and the overall index measuring the oil sector was actually up slightly over the same period.

RE: CNN, the warfare (ever since the Kuwait 1991 invasion for example) and military occupations have been a boon to corporate mass media... and to the greater degree that a vast portion of U.S. populace mindlessly 'curls up' to ingest more fearmonger-paralysis induced brainwashing then yes, an important and essential task has been accomplished (w/ profit as bonus for those corporates).