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Haunting Apple Pie Country As Ghost of Paradigms Forgotten

In the state where Indy Media has been censured (Michigan) for some time, a few visionary poets, a.k.a. "orrior poetz" have been engaging the systematically dumbed-down, no matter what. Today, on Halloween, we have a report about one angle of bringing depth and substance to an otherwise emptied spectacle as usual!
one approach to giving ourselves permission to
one approach to giving ourselves permission to "art ourselves"
(a reporter shares a recent action from the Aagigaaning, Potowatomi territory, in a settler city)

Just got done with interacting in classic 'Saul Alinsky-itsu' locally here! (re: angles on his method of "mass jiujitsu".) A lot of fun, bringing something to really chew on into the psychologically beaten-down soldier-like student crowd! Pressured from so many to go through what they hate (and thus letting out all their steam, drinking and partying wildly on weekends), and getting stuck in loan enslavement in the process...

Put a sheet over me head and proceeded to HAUNT a busy intersection with some recently made art and then some. Imagine doing such X-COUNTRY! Imagine our diversity GIVING OURSELVES PERMISSION to show up, individually (!) or in small affinity groups, at the barely hidden authoritarian institution of your choice! Especially SMACK DAB in the midst of Apple Pie Settler Social Control territory!!! Nothing like utilizing our CREATIVE intelligence to surprise people during these otherwise emptied spectacles like Halloween!!!

So i put myself out there as The Ghost of Forgotten Paradigms, and h-a-u-n-t-e-d, loudly moaning and carrying on, and getting people giggling. Then tellin' 'em who i was, and sharing short anecdotes, such as (if i can remember 'em well enough) :

"Forgotten paradigms like Indigenous Matriarchy, which CELEBRATES OUR DIFFERENCES and SEEKS OUR COMMONALITIES, instead of judge-ing and reducing and labeling and keeping us giving away our powers Right and Left! Check out Russell Means on Matriarchy, or unsettling america!!!!"

A lot of fun bringing this up to the numerous women coming by, some shrinking away at first, and then happily surprised when i mentioned such a topic! (i'd do just one topic for each wave of people coming by)


"Paradigms forgotten like so-called 'Mental Illness' which is really just a mystified metaphor for 'difficulties in living'! Imagine demystifying such trickery and puzzling thru each others' eccentricities, realizing the value! And finding our comonalities! But 'The Way Things Is' has duped us into believing that we Have To go along with the program all around us! Ohhhhhhhhhh (moans)"

And variations of those and others!

So much fun LOUDLY bringing out all these holy cows and saying my heart! Not remaining silenced by projections (sometimes) by poisoned folks firing off the "bad" idea that it's Only About You Just Trying To Get Attention, or Egotism! Bad, bad, BAD! BAD PHROG!!!

Of course, the municipal soldiers showed up in awhile (people seem so poisoned today that they HAVE TO call them) and sat there for awhile, bringing two cars before one of 'em came out. Usually they sit there in a kind of intimidating way (rite next to where i put my art show, affectively intimidating passerby from stopping), like that, in my experience. As tho trying to say "It's Time To Move Along, Buddy." But i stayed, "ready" to be arrested, if that's how cynical they've gotten.

But after a good while, one came up and "just" wanted to "make contact" and find out what i was up to. So i filled him in a little bit. They'd done the same thing last weekend when i had dared art into a 'hood known for its drunken intensities, one of the soldiers calling it "creepy" that (at the time) i was doing "free hugs". But these were college cops, generally less rigidly intense than the city or state cops (and not yet as attacked by the game their superiors keep them stuck in).

So they moved on, themselves, once i gave them, in slightly creative candor, the basic run-down they needed so they could file their report or whatever. Poor human beings, tooled so effectively by the soldier way! Seeing only the Worst sides of humanity and never (?) imagining the contexts for why people are losing it in myriad ways!

Lots of fun arting such situations with depth not usually brought up in Social Norms!

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