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If you want America back, buy local

megastores and multi-nationals accelerate the trend towards massive concentrations of wealth. if you want to put a stop to the impoverishment of the world---buy local as much as possible. here are some sources for the facts.

 link to www.nationofchange.org

great advice 28.Oct.2013 09:00


This the best thing you can do. Tariffs, regulations and other government imposed solutions just cause more problems. It all boils down to free will. You have the choice who you vote for, what you buy (except for Obamacare, which is mandatory now).

Take it a little farther 28.Oct.2013 12:26


Then we might as well start growing our own food, making our own clothes, only use local resources and do away with the whole world trade system. Since everything we need is here in our own backyard what do we even need the "world economy" for anyways? No need for money if an individual produces everything they need for themself. Of course, if people starting changing their lifestyle in mass numbers and stopped pushing money uphill to the rich the rich might not care for that happening and put a stop to it by force.