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VIDEO: Renegade Economist Show - The Pilot

This 31-minute video discusses productive versus non-productive wealth, cooperatives outperforming four or five times, housing associations and energy cooperatives. Ecuador put nature in its constitution and stopped oil corporations and multinationals.
From the makers of Four Horsemen - the Renegade Economist is disrupting the business television format with a new show that equips people with the knowledge, tools, techniques and mind-set they need to make the shift into the new business landscape. Financial liberalization was and is a massive blind spot. Easy credit led to housing bubbles. We're creating commodity bubbles and not restoring Glass-Steagal. While there is no structural change because of evil and ignorance, Internet enlightenment and democratization of knowledge is a reason for resounding hope.

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to watch the 31-minute "Renegade Economist Show" from the UK from October 19, 2013, click on

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