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Free radio activist abducted in Raqqa, Syria

The only independent radio station in Syria has been silenced for at least 2 weeks, caught in the crossfire between Assad an Al-Quaeda. One of their reporters, Rami Al Razzouk was kidnapped on October 1st and we have no word of him since.Can anyone translate their last broadcast from October 14, before their offices were trashed by members of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS)? It's attached to the story linked here.

Rami Al Razzouk was abducted on October 1st. Radio ANA hope to regroup soon.Free radio in Syria paid the price of fame, word up at the Washington Post: On the first of October, members of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) kidnapped Rami Al Razzouk, of Syria's only free radio station, Radio ANA. They returned on Oct. 15, breaking into the office to seize the equipment the journalists had used to broadcast a radio program to the area's residents. Their last broadcast, from October 14 is attached in the player at the end of this post. Contact us if you can translate.

At an elite property of the Washington Post, read the full report: http://ur1.ca/fx7c1

Official Statement from ANA New Media Association:

"In regards to the abuses and the continuous crackdown on civil society movements in the Syrian region including free media organizations trying to convey the events taking place on syrian soil. On the 15th of October 2013 a number of personnel ordered by the group ISIS (The Syrian State of Iraq and Syria) performed a crackdown on Radio ANA's Media office in Raqqah City. This crackdown included the confiscation of Radio ANA's broadcasting equipment and the detaining of Rami al Razzouk, a member of the ANA New Media Association network, Rami to our knowledge has been tortured severely and thus transferred to Der al Zor for further interrogation, We ANA new media association condemn the oppression committed by ISIS on our members who are dedicated to openly conveying the events on the ground, ANA refuses to stop its operation in Raqqah city and vows to continue broadcasting whether with ISIS approval or not. A number of Radio Stations who claim to oppose this kind of oppression continue to avoid collision with these extremist groups by broadcasting revolutionary and islamic content. Our revolution was one for freedom and democracy and freedom of expression, Free media is the only way forward for our country, any party that stands to oppose us will not intimidate us or prevent us from making our voices known.

Freedom to Rami Al Razzouk

The ANA Team"



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