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U.S. Activists Applaud Indigenous Uprising in Canada; Thank God That It Canít Happen Here

Imagine: a powerful multinational corporation turns its eye towards the natural resources you live upon ? land that is supposed to be protected; sacred, thanks to the struggle of your ancestors. Imagine that this corporation begins to extract the resources from your land, despite treaty, law, and morality. Imagine that your family, your friends, even your pets grow sick -- and die -- because this corporation is poisoning your land, and your water. Imagine that you protest this, peacefully. Imagine that the state responds by sending in a domestic army, waging war upon you.

Now, imagine this: imagine that you fight back.
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get a grip 18.Oct.2013 12:53


The fact that the majority of the people on this site still don't realize that the Portland Intelligencer is a satire site is at once sad and amusing.

Jess E. Hadden writes Politically Correct pro-Establishment propaganda. 23.Apr.2014 11:46

Jess E. Hasbara

Actually, Jess E. Hadden of the Portland Intelligencer writes Politically Correct pro-Establishment propaganda that poses as satire.