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Radioactive Portland

Group forming to deal with the issue of nuclear radiation in Portland.
Portland is radioactive, especially when it rains. Using a geiger counter, I've measured radioactive contamination in rainwater 10 times over normal background levels. Nuclear radiation is accumulating over time from decades of industrial and military activity. Some of it comes from Hanford 200 miles up the Columbia River, and some of it has found its way here from Fukushima. We're forming a group called Radioactive Portland to respond. We'll conduct monitoring, share knowledge and take direct action. We'll meet weekly. Visit http://radioactivepdx.org and join the discussion.

homepage: homepage: http://radioactivepdx.org

and then what? 18.Oct.2013 05:55


what do you purpose if the radiation is from Fukushima?

thank you 18.Oct.2013 09:09

thank you

thank you so much for doing this. I've been reading enenews.com since 3/11/11 with much concern. I'll be reading your website with fascination.

yes 19.Oct.2013 11:29


yes, some people may want to move. There's always the hope that if the international community gets involved with Fukushima, effects can be mitigated. Definitely collecting facts is better than buying someone else's inaccurate information. Some people want to know what the reality is.

Yes 19.Oct.2013 20:52

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

The international community is directly involved with the construction of the new tomb For Chernobyl. I have been calling for the use of Chernobyl tactics which cut off the flow of radiation out Chernobyl within 16 days by entombing the critical mass from above and below. The men that volunteered to do the work knew they would lose their lives. They gave their lives for the greater good. Fukushima is still open to the ground and sea.

For all of us decades long,,,, 19.Oct.2013 21:43

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Anti-Nuke activists, Fukushima is the our worst nightmare next to a nuclear weapons holocaust.

Lloyd are you sure? 20.Oct.2013 08:04


I thought global warming was our worst nightmare next to a nuclear weapons holocaust?

Chernobyl or Fukushima? Chernobyl was suppose to depopulate half of Ukraine. But the reality is much different. They still grow vegetables, raise cattle, goats, chickens only a few miles from Chernobyl and people eat it every day. Not a disable situation, but the fact is, its a livable situation as the results show. You can't deny these people are living and growing produce there. One of the world's largest cities is only 60 miles or so away from Chernobyl.

I wouldn't eat any Japanese seafood for a while, but if 10 times the normal background radiation level is all you have to worry about in Portland, then thats not a bad outcome for you.