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Educators and public service advocates demonstrate

TODAY is a rally & protest today 10.17 @5:30

For Immediate Release:

Attention: News/Events/Calendar Departments

Contacts: Alexia Garcia, (503) 754-8293,  alexiaegarcia@gmail.com

Educators and public service advocates demonstrate at the Oregon Business Association's annual dinner.

What: A demonstration at the Oregon Business Associations annual dinner to highlight the damaging effects of corporate influence in our state government, and the detrimental effects it has over education and other public services.

When: Thursday, October 17th, 5:30pm

Where: Oregon Convention Center (777 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.)

Portland, Oregon, Oct 15th, Oregon Save Our Schools and other community groups are hosting a rally with music, speakers, and skits to shine a light on the damaging effects of business-led school "reform", as well as the other ways in which pro-business policies are damaging public services in general.

The event is a family friendly opportunity for the Portland community to learn more about how the OBA led city and state policies are obstructing our teacher's ability to teach and our children's ability to learn, while driving down living wages and cutting valuable services that benefit the community.

First grade teacher Emily Crum notes, "Our public schools are being criticized by big business and politicians who want to "reform" the public school without taking into consideration the voices of teachers who directly work with students and have their interest at heart."

Portland Public school board member Steve Buel agrees, "The Governor's education plan was modeled on the Oregon Business Plan which didn't include meaningful input from Oregon's educators or parents. It doesn't address what Oregon's children need, but what national corporations think they need."

The OBA's Statesman Dinner will be recognizing 2013 Statesman of the Year Honoree, Sue Levin, Executive Director of Oregon's Stand for Children. The OBA and Stand for Children have been pushing a lock-step corporate education reform model that values high-stakes testing, charter schools, weakening of teacher unions and public pensions, while at the same time ignoring the effects of poverty on our children and families. Levin and the OBA are pushing education "reforms" in line with corporate interests at the expense of our communities' health.

The demonstration is also endorsed by SEIU 503, the Laborers 483 union and Portland Jobs with Justice, and will aim to bring together the broader community towards demanding more public input in decision making and fully funded public services.

The festive atmosphere will also include comedic skits and music provided by international folk musician David Rovicks.

Other groups that have endorsed the event include: Social Equality Educators, Badass Teachers Association, Solidarity Against Austerity, Cleveland H.S. Student Union

For more information go to:  https://www.facebook.com/events/296548047152265/? ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

Letter from Senator Merkley 17.Oct.2013 18:04


Oregon's Senator Jeff Merkley

Dear Marc,

Congress has finally agreed on a deal to reopen the government and pay our bills. Although I am glad that after two and a half long weeks we are putting this crisis behind us, it is unacceptable that we ended up here in the first place. Keeping the government open and paying our bills should not be cause for celebration, it should be business as usual.

We have seen the effects of D.C.'s dysfunction across our state, hurting Oregon's business and families. During this shutdown, small businesses had loans and permits delayed. Thousands of families went without paychecks. Recreation sites were closed, hurting the communities around them. We must end the cycle of brinksmanship that has us governing from one manufactured crisis to another, and get back to the real work of building a country that works for the middle class.

Instead of spending all its time lurching from crisis to crisis, Congress should be focusing on legislation that will grow the economy and create good, middle class jobs. That's why I am working on finding solutions that will help boost manufacturing around America and here in Oregon. Last year, I went on a Made in Oregon tour to hear directly from Oregon manufacturers about the opportunities and challenges they face. I have been working with a group of my colleagues to move forward on promoting manufacturing, and in the next few weeks we will be unveiling a plan to help boost American manufacturing and create good, living-wage jobs.

As the first in my family to go to college, I know that an affordable college education can mean everything to a middle class family. That's why it's so important to me to take on the student loan debt crisis and lead the national efforts to explore Oregon's innovative Pay It Forward model. This new approach would guarantee affordability for students who choose to participate by replacing the huge loans weighing students down with a simple promise to pay a fixed small percentage of their future earnings into a Pay it Forward fund. In the coming weeks, I will be officially introducing the first bill that would make Pay It Forward a national program and help guarantee college affordability for all students.

It is time to stop governing from crisis to crisis and get back to the real work of helping Oregonians.
All my best,

Jeffrey A. Merkley
United States Senator