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A Primer on Modern Political Science in USA

See twenty years of my work in the links below for an insight into the political corruption of today's USA and the consequences thereof.
geral sosbee, viet nam combat vet
geral sosbee, viet nam combat vet


Overthrow of US government by intel community:

 link to lissakr11humane.com


Alt Links on effects of collapse of constitutional government of United States of America:





Mind programming of populace and micro management of dissenters:



remote behavior influence technology:



torture & fear and brain entrainment:


 link to www.governmentattic.org

chemical & biological assaults:



provocative assaults by street thugs:




False and fraudulent medical reports by MD:



fbi points a finger and cries, "...mass murderer..." :





Sentenced by fbi assassins and their secret courts to a lifetime of torture:


fbi counterintelligence program against me

 link to austin.indymedia.org


corrupt, cowardly, incompetent courts & congress:



pursued by the hounds of hell:


subversion of a free press:



timeline of cia atrocities and control of free press:



 link to seekingalpha.com



 link to sosbeevfbi.ning.com

USA unworthy to defend:




 link to seekingalpha.com

Yet foreboding 911 attack on USA:


homepage: homepage: http://http:www.sosbeevfbi.com/promo.html
address: address: usa

A Primer on Fraud and Lies 16.Oct.2013 13:16


It would seem that the only thing you know about is fraud and lies. Your article and the links there in is nothing but a bunch of self serving bullshit and lies.

Sure, you're right geral 20.Oct.2013 14:00


About what, I don't know, but you sure are right. LOL, you are so silly, dude.

SRvkeuRyzFms 11.Oct.2014 14:23

SBRAXoqzflwVtV barny182@hotmail.com


gAT 17.Oct.2013 10:29

geral gsosbee@gmail.com

gAT uses many aliases in his cyberstalking efforts against me; here are a few: *paint me doubtful, **j. robert upton, monique, pickurboog, etc.

he cries, "...mass murderer...", even as he and his associates torture me:

* http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2013/02/422103.shtml

** see image of j. robert upton here:

Note that gAT is the unofficial spokesboy for the federal burro of investigation fbi), the jackass of the nation;gAT is not a man and appears to be less than human.

 link to seekingalpha.com

gAT also represents the lowest form of human intellect and in his thuggery he exemplifies the corruption of our nation (and perhaps our very species) at the hands of evil people.

Most human beings would not assault rats the way gAT and his fbi handlers assault me (My story in Detail). http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/mystory.html

geral sosbee, viet nam combat vet. gAT needs to publish his DD214.
geral sosbee, viet nam combat vet. gAT needs to publish his DD214.