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Survival Guide for Airborne Microwave Radiation Exposure

How to Create a Make-Shift Protective Structure for Microwave Radiation Harassment. See Attached Image for Instructions. Take Care, Tracy Mapes
Survival Guide for Airborne Microwave Radiation Exposure

By the time You become Interested in Information Such as This,
You will Most Likely have Lost Everything. Family, Ability to Employ or Support Yourself, or Any
Hope of a Positive Outcome ...

So? ...What DO You DO Now?

Tell Everyone!


My Initial Structure only covered my Head Area, and was Only Expanded Over-time by Necessity.

The Eventual Elimination of Sides of the Structure and Supports that Created Reflective Surfaces
came from Experience. Any Reflective Surface that can bounce Microwave Radiation back into the
Structure will defeat the Protective Capability of the Structure.

When I added Side Barriers to Stop a Radiation from Entering the Protective Shelter during a recent Attack, I found that it only Served to Reflect more Radiated Energy Back into the Structure's Sleeping Area.

The Eventual Solution to Excessive Side Entry of Microwave Radiation into the Sleeping Area of the
Structure was to Extend the Surface Area of the Roof. Again ...Any Side Surface may Reflect Bounced Microwave Energy Back inside of the Protective Structure.

When Sleeping within the Protective Structure, Do Not leave Yourself Un-Covered. A Common Bed Sheet will Protect You from Residual or Errant Radiation that penetrates the Sleeping Area. If you Wake-Up from Sleep with a Headache and the Feeling of a Sunburn? ...Increase the Size of the Roof Structure and Look to Eliminate Any Surfaces which may allow the Microwave Radiation to be Reflected back upon your Sleeping Area. Be Sure to Cover Your Entire Body and Head with the Bed Sheet as You Sleep if you feel the Effects of a Sunburn Sensation. Doing so will end the Effect of this Type of Radiation.

This Structure is Designed for Those Sleeping on the Floor. If You're so Lucky as to have a Bed to Sleep in by the time You find Your Self in a Situation Like This? You will have to Add Additional Framing Support and Shear Panels to Support the 500 Lbs. of Brick Above Your Head.

Laugh? ...Or? Cry?

If You find Yourself in this Type of Situation, You will Sleep Relatively Peacefully.

You will still have to listen to the 27/7 Assholes Talking in your Ears, but their Effect will be Diminished Greatly, by About 50% to 70%. The Dream Police are still able to get through this barrier, but do not Mind them. They are generally trying to Fill Your Head with Bullshit, and/or Interrogate You During Sleep.

Anyway. You will get Much needed Sleep, as Sleep Deprivation seems to be their Specialty.

If You Choose Laughter? ...You will Remember the Words You have Read here Today. At least until You Realize that what these People are doing is Not Only Criminal, it is a One Way Ticket to Diminished Brain Capacity.

So, for the Skeptical? ...Laugh Your Asses Off Assholes! Because that is All You'll have left to Think with when They Get Done with You.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes


Use T-Shirts, Light Under-Garments, and Bed Sheets for Additional Skin and Radiation Protection.



Mild to Extreme:

Hair Loss - Hair Breakage
Ear Aches
Sinus Dryness
Diminished Mental Capacity
Short Term Memory Loss
Gastrointestinal Disruption
Irratable Bowel Syndrome
Acid Reflux Disease
Diverticulitus due to Dehydration
Restless Sleep Patterns
Restless Leg Syndrome
Females - Ostio-Perosis - Hipbone Degeneration
Erectile Disfunction
Fertility Problems Male and Female
Planter Fasciatus - Bone Degeneration
Bone Cancer
Brain Cancer
Breast Cancer
Colon Cancer
Reduce Energy Levels
Mild Sunburn Type Symptoms

Just About Any Aliment You've seen in Recent TV History can be attributed to Americans being Irradiated on a Daily Basis for the Purposes of Supporting the Medical Industry, Drug Companies, and in the pursuit of Population Reduction. As my News Friends put it, "They are Targeting People by Zip Code."


Additional Symptom Details.

Heat Sensation Similar to Sunburn despite never going outdoors.

Abdominal Discomfort Heartburn, Acid Reflux, Gas Bloating. They even have One Level of Microwave that results in such Excruciating Pain of the Abdominal Area that You would Wish to Die. This Beam is approximately 1 foot in Diameter, and as Long as You can Remove Yourself from the Beam Path,You will Recover from it's Effects within One to 10 Minutes.You will Immediately Recognize this Beam because the onset of Abdominal Pain is initialized within 10 to 15 Seconds after Exposure.

Dry Sinuses, Ear Aches, Dehydration. Sleep Deprivation. Un-Usual Induced Dream Sequence made up of
very Personal yet Seemingly Disjointed Information.And having to Listen to Bullshit 24/7 with Commentary about this, that and the other, About the Hopelessness of Your Future, the Next Crime You will be Convicted of, Or how Your Death Should or Will Come About.

You will find Yourself humming Songs that are sent to you Subliminally, and will become most noticeable when the Song is outside of your normal Playlist. These Subliminal Communications are transmitted from the Same Sources as the Microwave Attacks.

General Gang-Stalking Techniques taken to the Extreme. The Intelligence Level of the People Using the Equipment Does Not Match the Level of Intelligence Required to Create It. The Commonality of the Abusive Nature of Your Tormentors will be on the Same Level as the Common Internet Troll.

They will also, through the Use of Subliminal Suggestion, and Microwave Stimulation, Encourage You to Masturbate, and Combined with the Additional Subliminal Hypnotic Effects be Successful in getting You to do so.Once You have their Game Plan and Approach Down, You will most likely be able to Ignore most of their Bullshit.

The Masturbation Angle seems to tie in with another Game Plan as describe on the Internet which Involves the Department of Homeland Security, Fusion Centers, and Private Security Agencies which have been extended Government Grants with the purpose of Proving that Criminal Activity can be directly tied to Sexual Perversion and Sexual Deviance Behaviors. Despite the Grant Program that Homeland Security is involved in with its Fusion Centers, the First Threat of "Getting Jerked-Off!" came from Anchor-Reporter Edie Lambert (#86 Media List) during a Broadcast of the Local news, when She stated, "I Think it's Time for a Little of This!" as She Gestured her Hand in the Formation of a Tulip or Lotus Flower. I was Subsequently and Subliminally Jerked-Off that very
night by the means described as an "Involuntary Hand Manipulation" in the Form of a Lotus Flower, and the Incident Further Described in the December 9th Article in 2011 of Portland Indy Media.

Link to be Found Here:

Broacast Warning! Link to Portland Indy Media

Media Subversion List 2012
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What You Should Know About the Media - Portland Indy Media

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Such as the Jason Russell Public Masturbation,and Multiple accounts
of K2, Bathsalts, Public Nudity and Murderer Scenarios, such as the
Florida Zombie Attack, and the Death of Carol Sturgeous in Sacram-
ento, Ca, at the hands of Accused Killer Moses Trotter. The Blame
being placed on the Bathsalts is their Cover Story for the Victims of
Their Mind Control Torture.

I wrote an article on Portland Indy Media about Similar events that
happened in my Life prior to All of the above mentioned events on
December 9th of 2011, entitled "The Dream Police". and a follow-up
article on December 29, of 2011, also on Portland Indy Media.

Other Microwave Based Effects.

They also have a Raygun which will take You by Surprise, because it
causes You to lose All Equillibrium and Sense of Balance. It's quite
daunting when You first experience it, and You will think that You
are experiencing a Life Ending Stroke.

First you will Lose Your Balance and start staggering
toward the Floor as Your Room starts to seemingly Spin
out of Control.

This is due to the introduction of a very Loud Sound in
the Range of 155 Decibles, but is in fact produced at a
Frequency Below the Audible Hearing Range of the
Human Ear.

This Device Effect is Described in the PDF Document
Entitle 'The Bio-Effects of Non-Leathal EMF/Microwave
Weapons' obtained by Donald Friedman, from the U.S. Army
through the use of the Freedom of Information Act in

Link to FOIA Document Here:

The Head/Room Spinning Effect is due to the Induce
Rapid Eye Movement, Side to Side. Once you recognize
that this is just a Biological Reaction to the Introduced
Stimulous, You will be able to examine the Effect in Real

You can Re-Create a simulated version of what this Effect
produces on the Human Body by Playing a First Person
Shooter Type Game like Halo, by First Looking at the Screen
and then Shaking the Mouse or Cursor back and fourth, Side
to Side in a Violent Manner. This simulates what the Eyes see
when the Induced Rapid Eye Movement Occurs.

If You Remove Yourself from the Beam, you will Recover
within about 15 to 60 Seconds.


By Far ... One of the Most Devastating Effect of the Microwave
Torture/ Mind Control Aspect, is the Introduction of Involuntary
Muscle Control.

This includes:

Their Ability to Remotely use Your Hands to Create Gesturing,
Count by Tapping, Pinch, or Touch Your Body, including
Masturbation. They can use this Technique as a Means of Silent

This Ability to Communicate is a Combination of Subliminal
Hypnotic Suggestion, Direct Frequency Input via Microwave,
FM, of IR (Infra-Red) Based Communication Systems.

The first time I experienced this phenomenon was during the
first week of November of 2011, as described in the Portland
Indy Media article Dated December 9th, 2011. Addition Info in
Article Dated December 29, 2011.

Link to Copy of Portland Indymedia Article


Most Likley Source of Microwave Radiation Attacks are Based upon Capability.

Most Likely Sources for Microwave Radiation Used Against Ground Targets in Northern California.

The Radiation is Not Satellite Based upon my experience. The type of Attacks I've experience over the last 2 Years have Required long Hover or Airtime over Target. And, despite the Government Shutdown, seem to have an adequate budget to Continue Attacks on a 24 Hour, Seven Day a Week Schedule.

Attacks seem to usually occur from a Westerly Direction because they are always complaining about the Azimuth interfering with their Attack Angle. The One Good thing I've got going for me? They must have Pissed off Some Really Good People in Black Operations? ...Because more often than not, their Live Conversations are being piped into my Ear at the Same time they are Fucking with me. I'd like to meet them One Day. They Must have More Ball Than Most Americans.

Most Likely Sources

9th Intelligence Squadron Beale Air Force Base
Maryville, California 45 Miles North of Sacramento, CA

U2 Aircraft, SR-71, my brother-in-law who's also Fucked
up in this Shit, is Ex-Air Force Seargent E-6, SR-71 Support and Refueling
and is Now Employed by the Sacramento Sheriff's Dept. Jail.


Raytheon Equipt Global Hawks owned by the Department of Homeland Security
and/or the U.S. Department of Energy.


KCRA 3 - News Helicopter - Based at Executive Airport on Freeport Blvd.
in Sacramento, Ca. Reasoning? ...They have made most of the Threat Related
Communications in Regard to My Situation. They also posess Broadcast Strength
Microwave Equipment, and don't have a Problem Mis-Using it against Civilian
Populations. This Equipment has a Microwave Broadcast Range of approximately
90 to 100 Miles.


Additional Microwave Attack Images

Microwave Attack - Death Ray. Image 1

Microwave Attack - Death Ray. Image 2


MK-Ultra Mind Control Article - Portland Indy Media

"Dream Police" Article Dated - December 29th, 2011 - Portland Indy Media

MK-Ultra - "Hazel" 1961
 link to www.youtube.com

Media Subversion Catalog 2011

this is penetrating your brain 24/7/365.. 15.Oct.2013 06:58


this is a passive device that demonstrates how much energy is being broadcast by AM radio stations that penetrate your brain.. Cooking it slowly... turning it into a progressive stew.


U.S. Government - Directed Energy/ Murder 17.Oct.2013 06:08

Tracy Mapes


What Happened 2 nights ago was Promised, and Happened. Stepped up Assault due to Publication of Information Above.

Despite my enclosure, increased Power Heated my Body within about 12 Seconds. Or 1/2" of Flesh Per Second, Laying Down. You can Still remove your Self from the Beam, but I know what happened 2 days ago will be detrimental to the long term wellbeing of my Person just because of the way it felt. This is why they attack your sleeping Area. They know you have to sleep sometime.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

your design is flawed 17.Oct.2013 21:19


according to your diagram you have not isolated the floor/bottom. the waves can penetrate from inner space upwards... beware..

No hb ... 18.Oct.2013 08:21

Tracy Mapes

The People who do shit like this to other People are Flawed.

The Open sides are for dissipation. There is no place to hide. If I was outside on the run? ...with no protection, I still feel safer under 500 lbs. of bricks.

Take Care...

Update ... 23.Oct.2013 11:14

Tracy Mapes

Since build the above described protective structure, besides better sleep at night, my Breakage and Loss of Hair has subsided completely. So there are positive benefits to building such a structure if you ever happen to find yourself in a situation such as mine.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes