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Jon Stewart tries to end government shutdown

"Private banks create money out of nothing and lend it back to us... Printing money has gone digital...Money should only be used for productive purposes to control inflation. Instead money is gambled on financial markets... Where money is spent decides the shape of the economy... Bailing ou9t banks perpetuates a system that will never work anyway..."
Jon Stewart tries to end the government shutdown: The Daily Show on October 8, 2013


and VIDEO: "97% Owned" - Economic Truth documentary, 59 min or 2hr 10 min
"Growth can't come without debt and debt brought us into our financial distress"


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when did he quit doing comedy? 09.Oct.2013 17:59


look at the bright side. only 17 percent of the federal government is shut down.

yeah but 10.Oct.2013 08:14


It is the part that actually helps people. All the parts that hurt people are deemed essential.