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Switzerland Conquered by Communism; U.S. Politicians Weigh Military Response

They marched across the Jura frontier, cutting through Swiss defenses with a disarming charismatic power. They planted their boots into the halls of power of the once-sovereign nation, without ever firing a single shot. They claimed Switzerland as their own ? just as any spreading pathogen behaves, as it infects the surrounding healthy tissue. The nation of Switzerland has fallen to the dark specter of Communism. But it was not conquered from without ? these were not jack-booted invaders from another land. This home-grown form of legislative terrorism comes from the Swiss Parliament itself, with the full backing of its treasonous citizens.
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I guess you DON'T understand the concept of democracy 06.Oct.2013 11:51

Mike Novack

"This home-grown form of legislative terrorism comes from the Swiss Parliament itself, with the full backing of its treasonous citizens."

For just a moment let's ignore your silliness about Switzerland having gone communist. That's not so, but let's pretend that it were so.

You are implying here that the Swiss voted in communism by democratic means. WHAT would be your problem with that? That YOU don't like communism? That YOU don't think communism a good form of societal organization?

Let me try to explain something to you. In a democracy people get to vote whatever way they want to. There is no "treason" in casting a vote for anything, no matter how despicable you might think that something to be. If it were treason to vote aye or nay on ANY issue then not democracy. CAPITALISM is not a prerequisite for democracy. To vote against it not treason.

But I must reiterate, we're talking in theoretical terms. The Swiss haven't gone communist.

Dear Mike Novak 06.Oct.2013 13:13

Tracy Mapes

You can forget about voting in America because the Power Structure has been Totally and Completely usurped and all you get to see is the Circus Theater they provide to pacify your ego that you are free.

you guys, this is satire 06.Oct.2013 13:38


Look at the site. It isn't a serious article. It isn't a serious site. It is comedy.

HEY!!! 06.Oct.2013 13:54


There ain't NOTHIN' funny about democracy bub!

apply to immigrate 06.Oct.2013 15:06


some of you should consider applying to become naturalized citizens of Switzerland. Life is too short to waste it. No need to wait around the US growing old and grey trying to put lipstick on a pig. It just wastes your time and annoys the pig. Plus most countries have an age limit on immigrating if you have no direct relatives there, so if you are going to do it, you better get going.

And, you, hb? 06.Oct.2013 22:44

Get over it

Are doomed to live in the corrupted economic system of which you're such an unworthy champion but proud victim because of your inability and unwillingness to chance that an idea or its evolution might just lead to something better for all. Mike's correct. They're taking that chance, and will live with the result. It's not the product of oppression or the tyranny. That aside, your opinion without intelligent contentions or the test of time is not a contribution to this post, but another one of your egotistical attempts at personal power.

Iíve embraced my fate 07.Oct.2013 05:17


I just don't want the corruption to include socialism because its been my experience that nothing is worse than socialist corruption as I saw in the former USSR. I am optimistic. I want things and institutions to stand on their own.
One day I would love to see liberal arts grad students and professors being able to finance themselves in the marketplace and not be dependent on the government for their own existence. Someone out there in the private sector might actually find some value in their education. Anything is possible. Keep hope alive!

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