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Acts of EcoTerrorism via Spraying Poisons Continues in SW Oregon

Jennifer and Link Phillippi, owners of the now shuttered Rough and Ready Mill in Cave Junction Oregon and Perpetua Forest Industries, seem intent on clear-cutting and herbicide spraying as much of their 70,000+ acres of land holdings in southwest Oregon as fast as possible. In the upper Illinois River valley alone there is over 1,000 acres of clear-cuts scheduled to be sprayed by Jennifer and Link Phillippi within the next 30 to 60 days that will poison ESA listed juvenile Coho salmon and rural residents.

Oregon Department of Forestry data shows that more than 125,000 acres of industrial forest lands will or have been be sprayed with herbicide poisons this year alone.

The owners of Rough & Ready Mill and Perpetua Forest Industries, Jennifer and Link Phillippi, of Josephine County Are Spraying Herbicides that Jeopardize ESA Listed Coho Salmon & Southern Oregon Families.

News: As of Today, Saturday October 5th, Perpetua sprayed poisons via helicopter in the headwaters of Draper Creek where thousands of baby Coho have barely survived the summer. Rain is expected sometime this weekend. We hope that Draper Creek is flowing now (it was not before the rain) and most of the juvenile Coho have escaped being poisoned.

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Jennifer and Link Phillippi Clear-cut in Illinois Valley, OR 2013
Jennifer and Link Phillippi Clear-cut in Illinois Valley, OR 2013
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