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Acts of EcoTerrorism via Spraying Poisons Continues in SW Oregon

Jennifer and Link Phillippi, owners of the now shuttered Rough and Ready Mill in Cave Junction Oregon and Perpetua Forest Industries, seem intent on clear-cutting and herbicide spraying as much of their 70,000+ acres of land holdings in southwest Oregon as fast as possible. In the upper Illinois River valley alone there is over 1,000 acres of clear-cuts scheduled to be sprayed by Jennifer and Link Phillippi within the next 30 to 60 days that will poison ESA listed juvenile Coho salmon and rural residents.
Oregon Department of Forestry data shows that more than 125,000 acres of industrial forest lands will or have been be sprayed with herbicide poisons this year alone.
Jennifer and Link Phillippi Clear-cut in Illinois Valley, OR 2013
Jennifer and Link Phillippi Clear-cut in Illinois Valley, OR 2013
The owners of Rough & Ready Mill and Perpetua Forest Industries, Jennifer and Link Phillippi, of Josephine County Are Spraying Herbicides that Jeopardize ESA Listed Coho Salmon & Southern Oregon Families.

News: As of Today, Saturday October 5th, Perpetua sprayed poisons via helicopter in the headwaters of Draper Creek where thousands of baby Coho have barely survived the summer. Rain is expected sometime this weekend. We hope that Draper Creek is flowing now (it was not before the rain) and most of the juvenile Coho have escaped being poisoned.

The citizens of the Illinois Valley and Josephine County are so distraught and incensed by this callous pesticide poisoning of their community, their water, their families, and their properties that many have banded together in an attempt to place an initiative on the Josephine County ballot for 2014 to ban the use of all herbicides and pesticides in Josephine County. For more info go to  http://preciousdirt.org/ They face a tremendous uphill battle against the wealthiest and most powerful people in Oregon, Oregon's timber baron families, as well as multi-national chemical companies like Dow and Chevron. Frightened Democrat politicians like Governor Kitzhaber and Congressmen DeFazio only seem capable of performing their roles as lapdogs to these wealthy and powerful entities instead of protecting the citizens who elected them to office.

RE: ESA Listed Baby Coho Salmon in Desperate Need of Your Help

Currently, many of the wild upper Illinois River's tributaries - where tens of thousands of juvenile Coho salmon barely survived the summer drought - may be sprayed with herbicides in the next 60 days.

Long term residents in the Illinois Valley have not seen such high numbers of juvenile salmon in decades. Yet, private timber landholders Jennifer and Link Phillippi of Perpetua Forest Company and Indian Hill LLC, are planning herbicide applications near numerous streams that feed salmon waters. For example, Draper, Crooks and Deer Creeks currently contain thousands of juvenile Coho salmon yet the Oregon Department of Forestry state there are not endangered fish that are at risk. This is an outright fabrication or lie.

Herbicides can directly harm salmon, their prey and the aquatic plants they rely on for their very survival. Since these Coho salmon are listed under the Endangered Species Act they must be afforded greater protection than other fish. However, ODF states that their hands are tied and the Oregon Forest Practices Act has no provisions to protect upstream habitat of threatened or endangered salmon.

Please Take A Few Moments of Your Time to Protect Coho Salmon and Families of Southwest Oregon.

First, contact Governor Doctor John Kitzhaber as soon as possible to urge him to uphold his Hippocratic oath as a medical doctor and not allow Oregon Citizens to be experimented on by being unnecessarily exposed to herbicide poisons through their water supplies. Ask him to issue a herbicide spray moratorium. If he will not do this, then urge him to impose 60 foot buffers for manual herbicide applications and 240 feet buffers for aerial herbicide applications near any flowing or named streams to help ensure that herbicides will not accidentally contaminate the waters that feed streams. This will greatly help protect families and the Threatened Coho salmon.
If he will not uphold his Hippocratic oath then his medical license to practice medicine should be revoked.

Oregon Governor Kitzhaber Citizens' Representative Office

Second, contact the State Forester Doug Decker at  ddecker@odf.state.or.us or by phone at 503-945-7429. Ask him to re-evaluate these proposed herbicide spraying plans and issue at least 60 foot buffers for manual herbicide applications and 240 feet buffers for aerial herbicide applications near any flowing or named streams to help ensure that herbicide spraying will not accidentally contaminate the waters that feed streams that currently hold ESA listed Threatened Coho salmon populations.

Thank you for your efforts. They are not in vain.

Shannon Wilson
Eco Advocates NW
A project of the League of Wilderness Defenders

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