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This is a rally for Oregonís forests 10-1-13

12:30-1:30pm at Holladay Park
(NE 11th and Multnomah, by the Lloyd Center Max)
spread the word.
This is a rally for Oregon's forests. So black up and let's go! It's that Ron Wyden again. He is expected to release a bill later next month that will gut 30 years of protective forest regulations in order to allow the rural counties of Oregon to resume logging and clearcutting on public land. What a jerk. Look at this photo of a clearcut: Ugly, isn't it? Almost as ugly as Ron Wyden, who resembles a vulture sitting on the nest egg he grubbed off of timber lobbyists. Ron in the only politician in Washington with a beak that grows exponentially with his bank account. How does Ron Wyden have an orgasm? He picks his nose. What does Ron Wyden have for breakfast? Mice Krispies. How do you get Ron Wyden to come to the door? Just ring the buzzard. Ron Wyden was disappointed at the birth of his son; he had been counting on a chick. What made Wyden late for the Senate vote? A truck double parked on his lunch. Why did Wyden get mad at the airlines? They tried to charge him a fee for his carrion. Ron isn't allowed to go on any more Senate field trips to Arlington Cemetery - he drug entrails back on the bus and the smell was just offal. For the trip home they tethered him to the roof but that didn't work either; they almost had a wreck when Wyden got his claw caught in the luggage rack and shit all over the windshield. He created quite a flap. Support our forests and come to the rally.

Tuesday 10-1-13
12:30-1:30pm at Holladay Park
(NE 11th and Multnomah, by the Lloyd Center Max)

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Exposing the O & C Controversy 28.Sep.2013 16:40


Senator Wyden and Oregon Counties failed to do their job, and they want to clearcut our public forests to bail them out.
By now you've probably heard of "O&C lands."

But have you heard what Oregon's county leaders have done with their massive federal subsidies for the last 13 years to bolster their economies? No? Me neither.

It's time we ask the tough questions, together.

In this special email we have compiled resources from multiple sources on this complex issue. If after reading you are as disappointed in our leaders and concerned for our forests as I am, then share this with your friends. Call your US Senator. Think about what Oregon's forests mean to you.

In the next month our forests will need you. Bark will soon ask you to make small sacrifices of your time and energy to keep these forests stand
ing for generations to come.

Link for the remainder of this alert:

 link to www.bark-out.org