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High tech assaults contribute to incidents of mass murder, etc.

See my reports that contradict the fbi's public statements regarding the mental states of persons who report assaults by directed energy weapons (DEW); note that the recent violence by Aaron Alexis was the result of torture by DEW and that his claims represent the dying declarations of a victim of fbi high tech assaults.
Mass Murder Caused By fbi/police Who Exploit For Publicity (via *DEW assaults) Macabre Disasters

See my reports in the links below with evidence that the fbi, media, and others pretend that high tech assaults on Targets don't exist and that anyone who claims to the contrary is crazy. Indeed the fbi, the US Attorney and their operatives publicly and fraudulently proclaim that reports of microwave, Elf, or other directed energy assaults reflect a paranoid and delusional mind. See false medical report here:


Furthermore, the current public media campaign to label (and thereby fraudulently discredit & possibly confine) anyone who claims to be assaulted by such high tech weaponry is a fraud perpetrated by the fbi and in this respect such fbi statements present a clear and present danger to free speech, as well as the safety of the general citizenry.

The truth is that the fbi regularly uses high tech weaponry against their *political Targets for the following purposes, inter alia:
cause sleep deprivation; drain energy from the Target's body; induce mood swings; force suicide; murder the Target.

When the Targets breaks down as a result of illegal and secret fbi sponsored assaults, the police and the fbi claim, "See we told you so"; then the thugs with badges lock up the Target in prison or in a hospital where he is left for dead after brain cells are rearranged. Here are my reports and documentations over the past twenty years regarding a similar and largely unsuccessful campaign against me in efforts to silence me from reporting high crimes by the fbi/police:


My affidavit:


*High tech assaults, Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW):

 link to rudy2.wordpress.com


 link to austin.indymedia.org



fbi crimes against me in efforts to silence me:




homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/promo.html
address: address: usa

Surely you don't mean it!!! 26.Sep.2013 09:14


You mean your "reports" contradict what the fbi says!!!!! Oh, please, say it ain't true, say you ain't posting a bunch of unbelievable shit claiming to be a victim, please, please say it ain't true. Please say it ain't true that you have posted this same shit over and over anywhere the mods let lies and bullshit stand. Oh, please, please say it ain't true. You are a foolish old man who has made a career out of lying since you were kicked out of the fbi for being an asshole. Nothing you say is believable.

Balderdash 26.Sep.2013 10:14


Do we really need beamed microwaves into our heads to tell us to kill? No, the atomization of traditional human socialization by our techno civ is quite capable of driving the human psyche into insanity. The idea we just have to wear aluminum foil hats to fight the evil mind controllers is just a distraction from the real problem. Modern civilization