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The U.S. Constitution Is A Fake!

God will not protect the blacks and gays and the 99% from the will of the majority. Only real education of the public, the Republic of the Heart can do that. Not the fake "constitution" that was invented by the 1%.
The true founding document is the Declaration of Independence.

Abolish the "Supine Court!"



Simple Score is the ONLY real solution!

And the fake "political scientists" have known it for CENTURIES!

Compare it to IRV, Bucklin, Condorset, "Range" etc, and so on! They all require riggable voting machinery!

You don't need to know "game theory," "complexity theory," or any mathematical nonesense, or even some "Nobel Prize" at all. The truth here is so obvious!

homepage: homepage: http://simplescorevoting.wordpress.com/2013/09/14/we-aint-got-no-workers-no-more-simply-demand-power/

Its ok. 25.Sep.2013 04:54


we don't follow the constitution anyway. the rights that shall not be infringed are infringed everyday.

name one amendment we actually follow?

Just More Red Herrings That Sidetrack The Real Issue 25.Sep.2013 14:06


This is all about the simple, long-understood multi-candidate simple score vote casting and counting method that can easily replace our current single-selection (so-called "plurality") voting method which guarantees a corrupt two-party system.

It has NOTHING to do with Bibles! It should be adopted before all our jobs are out-sourced so we can be denied having a mass strike to force it to be made available. This is truly the 99%'s last chance.

actually 25.Sep.2013 18:06


most people just want to have the bills paid and be happy.

Real Truth Is, Hundie Millionaires Use Single-Selection Voting To Rule The 99% 25.Sep.2013 18:16


For example, we had the choice of either Obama or Romney, who were PR hyped by insane hubris syndromic multimillionaires. And if we heroically voted for, say Nader, whom we might strongly prefer, our vote was sure to be sacrificed to candidates whose overwhelming perceived availability was manufactured by the billion dollar PR hype campaigns of the official media.

And this is all due to the spoiler effect, which simple score voting reduces by at least 90%. It's simple to compare this ancient voting method (described in the links given above) to the others mentioned above, and observe that it is the only reasonably simple method that does this. No advanced learning is needed to see this! So let's demand it!

What does "envy" have to do with it? That's just a minor emotion. The 99% don't actually have time for it anyway, since they are much too busy just trying to stay alive. The 1% have plenty of time to indulge in hubris syndrome, starting wars, shipping productional industries overseas, exercising injurious edicts, etc. They are the sick ones.

Let's use our limited energy to obtain real democracy, not republicanism managed by deranged insane hubris syndromic multimillionaires.

RE: "devoted to sticking it to those who are rich " 25.Sep.2013 21:36


hb wrote:
people on this website devote their lives to sticking it to those who are rich.

Lol, really....

I mean, even if some or a few activists/people on PDX IMC, whatever ... perhaps actually did happen get a kick out of the mere

__ notion of __

[quote]: "sticking it to"

the rich.....

You need to provide documentation on how

"those who are rich"

are actually, factually being "stuck it to" --

either by the purported PDX IMCers, or by __ANY__ of the so-called 'underclass' / 99% / whoever-however you choose to break down the 'non-rich'.

Where's the beef / proof, that 'the rich' are being "stuck it to" by us lowly 99%ers?

(the only 'rich' I've ever seen getting themselves "stuck it to", was by either _their own_ ***k-ups or by some sort of more capable/powerful 'rich' who eliminated them/swallowed them up.

But never by a member of 'the poor' / 99% .

How in the ***king HELL are "those who are rich" EVEN POSSIBLY having it "stuck to them" by the under-classes ??!?

'hb' has some seriously defective ass-backwards mental reasoning / thinking processes, not to mention means of expressing them.

hb wrote:
(kind of sad when you think about it).

Dude srsly.

I do not honestly know why you magically appeared here last week, don't know/care who you work for, if this (posting/disrupting/being an idiot on PDX IMC, that is) really is your job assignment -- assuming you might otherwise have some other way of 'making a living'/paying your bills/earning income, but --

Get a life.

I mean, not only for you to get the ***K out of here and STAY OUT, but go do something besides reading/posting on the Intertubes.

[Based on every last word you've posted here for 2 straight weeks] You're a waste of space.

This Is About Gaining Real Democracy, Not Micheal Moore 26.Sep.2013 06:43


Simple score voting. You can give 1 to 10 votes, or none at all to each of a reasonable number of candidates. You can use artful strategic voting to remove the politicians who sent our productional industry base overseas, and forced us to compete with brutalized peasants. Our best weapon is going on strike (a trucker's strike is set for October1, 2013).

The so-called "capital" is our actual productional system, and the people would protect that by forbidding its sale overseas, re-establishing tariffs, and so on.

Micheal Moore and "envy" have nothing to do with it since it is all about an effectual voting method and that is all.