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VIDEO: Community Members Stand With Workers In Protest Against Fubonn On 9/21

On 9/21 around 60 protesters gathered, organized, and marched to Fubonn Shopping Center in southeast Portland to picket against unfair treatment of two hispanic female ex-workers.

NewsWire Report-Back

After a successful previous action in which dozens of members of Portland Solidarity Network marched into the Fubonn Shopping Center in solidarity with two mistreated workers and confronted the owners and management, another blow has been dealt to this establishment. On 9/21, around sixty protesters marched down 82nd avenue to the Fubonn Shopping Center (2850 SE 82nd Avenue) to picket in solidarity with two hispanic female workers who had been discriminated against and mistreated by management at this asian-owned mini mall.

Marisol and Norma, the complaintants, were ex-employees of the Fubonn Center. Marisol worked in the food court and Norma worked in the meat processing area of the establishment, where all other workers were male. Marisol explained that they were given few breaks or opportunities to use the restroom and were oftentimes yelled at by management to the point they were in tears. Norma, in our interview stated that she at one point was pregnant and was asked to lift boxes up to 40lbs. and also was not given opportunity to eat a lunch or use the restroom when needed as well. Dozens of protesters walked the strictly-enforced picket line in front of Fubonn and contacted hundreds of people and shoppers. Security was already enforced and on the scene and found the need to call the police over an occasional protester toeing over the line. Four people including Greg Margolis of Portland Jobs With Justice were cited and/or fined over traffic law and property violations, but the action went very well with even a security guard (First Response) chanting "Don't shop Fubonn". Success.

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Worker Protest Against Fubonn Shopping Center

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