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Awesome 2 Million Dollar Free Energy Machine

They built it in Brazil. It uses gravity power to produce unlimited free energy.

No more dependence on oil and gas! The mechanical system is fed exclusively from the earth's gravity.

(It's a major league anti-pattern!)

homepage: homepage: http://simplescorevoting.wordpress.com/simple-score-voting-the-real-solution/

Want to buy a bridge? 13.Sep.2013 05:41

Mike Novack

Ignore any stories about "free energy". They are either fantasies, or more sadly, con schemes to bilk potential investors.

Ignore reports "this device has been examined by scientists, engineers, etc. and they could figure out where else the energy coming from". What you really want here is examination by stage magicians or if by scientists/engineers, that they were able to take away and isolate the device.

Covert heat engines can be VERY subtle to say nothing of devices with hidden batteries, etc.

Might I humbly suggest that instead of seriously considering the claims of this or that device you look up devices that were designed as intentionally "fake free energy" devices (in other words, devices made for the challenge "how is this working?"). Once you see how subtle these can be you will be much more leery or reports of "real" free energy devices.

I Know That There Are No Free Energy Machines 13.Sep.2013 06:41


It just seems to say something profound about the human mind that I can't quite understand that folks of all persuasions tend to be attracted to this odd idea. No, I can't claim to understand it. Well maybe there's something new to learn here from this outlandish 2 million dollar ordeal?

It's not that hard to understand... 13.Sep.2013 12:30

Converse Murdoch

...paying electric bills sucks.

There's no such thing as a free lunch 13.Sep.2013 16:47


Ah yes, the perpetual motion machine has finally been found. If only those evil corporation would stop suppressing this new technology that will finally unshackle humanity.

There's a host of reasons why corporations are evil but suppressing "free" energy is not one of them because you can't suppress something that doesn't exist.

What would we do with all that "free" energy anyways? Free cars for everyone? Free energy to power our modern civilization to a utopia of....more electronic gadgets for all, a bigger population...a bigger civilization?

I'm sure it will be very helpful with species extinction, soil and water degradation and deforestation. While some may claim we won't cut as many trees because we don't need the fuel they don't realize that expansion of civilization and capitalism still requires space and the expansion of economies so ultimately the destruction of the natural world will continue to roll on.

It was interesting, anyway 13.Sep.2013 19:46


Having been a machinist/fabricator in my former life, it was interesting and fun to look at the pictures and see all that pretty work. It's elegant, in a machine sort of way and if you can appreciate something like that, even if it doesn't really make sense at all. Some can't figure out that the energy is of the sort resembling a landslide, not a waterfall.

I once worked with an old man who actually held a number of patents for ovens in the baking industry and some little inconsequent gadgets elsewhere. He spent part of his lunch hour for all the time I knew him working on some ugly thing with four opposing cylinders that somehow his growing senility had convinced him could do real work. He died in the place one day, and some there jokingly speculated that maybe he came to the realization that 'the thing' was what it was and it broke his heart. I guess that idea never does die, and one can look at it as a failure of an idea or the glory of persistent hope.

Never say never. 13.Sep.2013 23:05

Converse Murdoch

This thing might work if it was located on the edge of a gravity anomaly.

"They built it in Brazil." 14.Sep.2013 15:56


"Hic Rhodus, hic salta."

I remember a particularly devilish perpetual-motion clock that turned out to have barometric-variance power. I wonder if a large scale device could be constructed--a tunnel between mountains, say--that produced enough wind between regions to...nah, never mind