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Anti Freedom tools recalled in Colorado. The people won!

All of Mayor Bloomberg's money couldn't buy this recall election from the people of Colorado.
The people are now stronger. The establishment is now weaker.

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Link Misfires. Can You All Shoot Straight? 11.Sep.2013 08:15


The Washington Times — Sept. 10, 2013 — Colorado Democrats lose recall elections over gun-control votes
 link to www.washingtontimes.com

DENVER — Colorado voters stunned the nation Tuesday night by ousting two heavily funded Democratic state legislators in a recall election that was cast as a national referendum on gun control.

Senate President John Morse and state Sen. Angela Giron lost their seats in the state's first-ever Legislative recall election, despite the support of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, hundreds of ground troops from groups like Organizing for America, and a 7-to-1 spending advantage.

The results of the double recall shocked state Democrats, who had insisted voters would back the Legislature's recently passed gun bills. Meanwhile, gun-rights advocates and Republicans were elated, betting that the recalls will discourage other states from pushing forward with gun-control legislation.

Both Colorado Democrats conceded defeat shortly before final election results were announced. Mr. Morse lost his Colorado Springs seat by 51 to 49 percent, while Ms. Giron was defeated in her Pueblo district by 56 to 44 percent.

The ousted Democrats will be replaced by Republicans who also appeared on the recall ballots. Former Colorado Springs city councilman Bernie Herpin will succeed Mr. Morse, while retired deputy Pueblo police chief George Rivera takes over the Giron seat.

The most disturbing thing is that NYC Mayor Bloomberg thinks that his $billions can just buy everybody in Colorado.

So a bunch of trigger happy morons .... 11.Sep.2013 09:12


...Ousted two elected officials responsive to their real needs(health care, jobs, etc) all because of guns.

Great job people. Here's a more accurate headline

Colorado Recall Results: Democratic State Senators Defeated In Major Victory For NRA


I didn't realize the NRA represented "the people"

"The most disturbing thing is that NYC Mayor Bloomberg thinks that his $billions can just buy everybody in Colorado. "

No, he didn't. He assumed, not without reason, his high profile support would rally the base to bring out Democrat voters. And the money he gave would help the ad campaign. Maybe it did, or maybe people got complacent. Whatever happened, the "they're gonna take mah guns crowd" showed up at polls in greater force.

The out of state money was used by both sides because we still haven't got money out of politics.

nope 11.Sep.2013 12:53


3 plumbers who started the recall were outspent 6 to 1, in two heavily democrat districts and still pulled out a win.
This vote has sent shockwaves though the democrat party apparatus. If you can be fired anytime during your term in office, then you can't pull a bunch of sneaky shit if your voters won't show up to defend you. Watch how many other brave politicians who believe they are in safe districts kamikaze themselves into the private sector banning law abiding citizens from defending themselves. Not many. As the loser in Pueblo said last spring, "If either of us lose, then Mayors against guns should just pack it up and go home.".

nathan 11.Sep.2013 13:00


If those responsive officials had stuck to health care, jobs, etc., and not trying to disarm honest citizens, they would still be officials and not citizens released from their jobs.

Democracy is always a failure when people enact an idea you dislike 11.Sep.2013 14:11


I find it humorous that so many people are surprised.

There's a better analysis of why they were recalled here:

Basically; these two were not particularly popular to begin with, one guy barely won his election in the first place. I think a lot of voters opted to recall these politicians because of the process they went through to enact these laws; when Law Enforcement is the one asking for these to stay on the books, when companies threaten to leave town, when politicians ignore the will of the public....they get voted out. No surprise.

"At Morse's instruction, only 90 minutes of testimony per side were allowed on each of the gun bills. As a result, hundreds of Colorado citizens were prevented from testifying even briefly. Many of them had driven hours to come to the Capitol, traveling from all over the state." - actions like that tend to anger people.

This is evident by an important note: "As the Denver Post noted, 20% of the voters who signed the Giron recall petitions were Democrats."

which one can you live without? 11.Sep.2013 16:14


I have object to the wording in this phrase.

"One reason is that in blue collar districts like Pueblo, there are plenty of Democrats who cling to their Second Amendment rights."


You mean like African Americans cling to their thirteenth Amendment Rights?

You mean like woman cling to their nineteenth Amendment Rights?

You mean like many on this website cling to their 1st Amendment rights?

If the powers that be can water down and strip the meaning of the second amendment, they can and will eventually get around to stripping an amendment you actually do care about, but it will be too late by then and you won't have to tools to do anything about it.

Hooray for freedom, oh and fuck you fidelity. 11.Sep.2013 18:39


Nearly three times more children and teens were injured by guns in 2010 than the number of US soldiers wounded in action that year in the war in Afghanistan; 82 children under five died from guns in 2010, compared to 55 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.


kl; don't forget 11.Sep.2013 20:21


3 times as many died from falls, and 50,000 people a year die from automobile accidents. many of them from stolen automobiles during the commission of a crime.
less than that from large animal predation. and your point is what?

I'm sure if we all drive at 5MPH wearing crash helmets we wouldn't have to outlaw cars.

hd 11.Sep.2013 21:08


Lets see...hmm, I can make shit up as well 4532 gun nuts die from suffication every year. Totally preventable, all they have to do is pull thier headout of thier ass.

Site your sources or else I will taunt you a second time!

Rubbish and Bullshit 12.Sep.2013 11:07

Shut yo mouff

Kl is so full of shit that you can smell his/her/it's breath for miles and miles. So the fuck what, moron, with Millions and millions of guns in homes and you come up with "whine, whimper, but, but 82 children were killed in 2010 like a little bitch. How many were those children killed by law abiding citizens or accidents, and how many were killed by criminals who are not supposed to have guns anyway. Assholes like kl who wants to disarm law abiding citizens because "whine, whimper, snivel, it's for the children, are ignorant, agenda driven scum and need to shut the fuck up. Colorado got it right and hopefully the gun grabbing assholes like kl and it's ilk will get the fucking message.

can't understand you, pull really hard, your sphincter is blocking the sound 12.Sep.2013 13:36


I don't want to disarm everyone, I just think we need to reassess the nations relationship firearms. They did in Australia, so all you have to do look down under to see how the government took over and instituted Islamic communism there.

I can tell you have your head up your ass by the way you dismiss the death of 82 children. "Oh, it is not legal gun owners who are doing this." Wrong! See below, and you might need to see a surgeon to have YOUR head removed.

I believe all of these people who need to carry a gun (fidelity) are really compensating for some percieved lack in themselves, almost a compensation for some mental or physical deficiency. They tend to talk about their weapons in same way that someone talks about their dildo collection. It is a fetish, it soothes some intern angst.

5 Minutes worth of research on child shootings.

BRIGHTON, AL, 5/03/13: Police in the Birmingham area say a 4-year-old boy is in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the head after an apparent accidental shooting. The boy and a 4-year-old girl were in a bedroom and one apparently got hold of a gun, though police weren't sure which.

WILLIAMSPORT, MD, 5/03/13: An 8-year-old Williamsport boy was flown to the Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., on Friday evening after he was shot accidentally, the Washington County Sheriff's Office said. The boy suffered a single gunshot wound to the left thigh from a handgun.

HENRICO, VA, 4/27/13: A four-year-old boy is recovering after he was accidentally shot inside his Tuckahoe home Saturday morning. Police were called to the home on Rolando drive off Patterson Avenue around 7:00 AM. The child's father, Willie Alley, says he always keeps his gun locked away. Now, he has a message for all parents who own a gun and have children in their home. "Think twice about buying guns, I have," said Alley. Alley says he never imagined his .38 caliber gun would get anywhere close to his two sons. He says his wife was home with the kids, ages four and 10. Somehow that gun went off and his four year old was shot in the leg.

HOUSTON, TX, 4/28/13: According to investigators, a 15-year-old boy accidentally shot his 14-year-old step-brother in the head. Police said the step-brothers were playing with a gun at their home when it discharged. The 15-year-old then ran to the nearby Glenbrook Golf Course and ditched the weapon, possibly in a bayou. Police haven't located the gun yet. The boy reportedly told police they found the .38 revolver a few months ago.

PACE, FL, 4/28/13: A little girl was hospitalized following an accidental shooting at a Florida Panhandle home. The Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office reports that the six-year-old girl and another small child were playing with an unattended hand gun at the Bell Ridge Apartment Sunday evening when the gun discharged. The girl was wounded and taken to a Pensacola hospital.

MOUNTAIN HOME, AK, 4/29/13: A 5-year-old Mountain Village girl died Monday afternoon in a shooting by her older brother, according to Alaska State Troopers. "Investigation revealed that an 8-year-old boy was playing with a Ruger 10/22 (rifle) that he had used the day before to go hunting, when he shot his 5-year-old sister, killing her," troopers wrote. "The boy was home, his 5-year-old sister came home and within the span of 15 minutes she was dead."

AUBURN, WA, 5/01/13: A 9-year-old girl was accidentally shot in the leg by her 7-year-old brother Wednesday night in Auburn, police said. Police said the gun was a .22 caliber rifle that had been in the closet of a third sibling who was not home at the time.

BURKESVILLE, KY, 4/30/13: A 5-year-old boy who was playing with a .22-caliber rifle accidentally shot and killed his 2-year-old sister in Cumberland County on Tuesday afternoon, according to a news release from the state police. Cumberland County Coroner Gary White identified the girl as Caroline Starks. He said the children's mother was at home when the shooting occurred, and the gun was a gift the boy received last year. "It's a Crickett," he said. "It's a little rifle for a kid. [...] The little boy's used to shooting the little gun." White said the gun was kept in a corner, and the family did not realize a shell had been left in it. "Just one of those crazy accidents," White said.

TREMPEALEAU, WI, 4/30/13: The Trempealeau County Sheriff's Department says a 14-year-old was taken to the hospital after he accidentally shot himself in the hand. Deputies say the teenager was trying to clear a malfuntion of a .380 caliber semi-automatic handgun when his hand moved in front of the muzzle of the weapon and the gun went off.

kl, sorry you hate freedom so much 12.Sep.2013 15:40


kl, wants to return blacks to slavery, and doesn't want woman to vote, and doesn't want freedom of speech, but does want troops quartered in your homes, and searches and seizure to be wide spread and common.

Why? because he wants to take away the only tool we as citizens have in ensuring those rights will always be there. He is doing it in the name of safety. Only a bleeding bastard would not want to save a child, so safety is the cloak tyranny comes creeping in.

kl probably doesn't even realize he is being what Stalin referred to as "useful"

hb 12.Sep.2013 16:05


It is amazing how when you are confronted with FACTS, you change the subject.

So that is one of the most amazingly insane things I have read since fidelity and I had this discussion a couple of months ago.

Two points, than I am done.

1) it was the people who were armed in the USSR, and took over the country. How come they didn't end up free?

2) you really think you glock is a match for a predator drone armed with a hellfire missile? You think your sawed off shotgun is a match for a m-60 light machinegun? You think your ar-15 is a match for an m-1 abrahms tank or an apache helicopter? How are you going to defend freedom with such a disparity in firepower?

you are fucking crazy, but it is probably the smell and taste of shit that is doing it to you.

answers 12.Sep.2013 16:22


Answers to your questions.

(1). the wrong people kept the guns. The Bolsheviks immediately upon seizing power confiscated all small arms.

(2) Ask an Afghan.

freedom 12.Sep.2013 23:52


Access to firearms yields a more than five-fold increase in risk of intimate partner homicide when considering other factors of abuse, according to a recent study, suggesting that abusers who possess guns tend to inflict the most severe abuse on their partners.

Jacquelyn C. Campbell et al., Risk Factors For Femicide in Abusive Relationships: Results From A Multi-Site Case Control Study, 93 Am. J. of Public Health 1089, 1092 (2003), abstract available at  http://www.ajph.org/cgi/content/abstract/93/7/1089