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President Obama You look Marvelous.

Weakened, Owned but looking Marvelous, and that's all that counts right?
Vad Putin Just played Obama like a banjo, but that's fine as long as Obama looks like the stately prince and all his admirers still slobber at his very presence.

Watching the MSM spin Operation Clusterfuck into an Obama victory yesterday was hilarious.
Assad gets to stay in power, Assad can always make more chemical weapons, and Assad makes sure his enemies are disarmed of chemical weapons, but the important thing is that Obama looks good. That is paramount. Nothing must get in the way of Obama's face on Mount Rushmore.

WWIII 11.Sep.2013 13:06


So you would have preferred WWIII instead?

duh 11.Sep.2013 15:13


It's almost as if a nation's media will portray their own leader in a positive light! If you've been alive for a few years, you would have seen the same thing happen with basically every president we've ever had.

And if you look at news from other countries, they'll do the same thing for their leaders too. Shocking.

somwhere between Marvelous and WWIII 11.Sep.2013 16:27


Yes Rat, Yes. I prefer World War 3 instead of allowing Obama to look good. Yes that is exactly the point I was trying to make. Brilliant observation.

President Obama has nobody to blame for this other than himself. He could have taken it to the UN, got it vetoed by Russia and came out looking good, and having Putin look like a shit, and nothing would have changed (avoided WWIII as you put it).

Instead he let that effete gigolo to the billionairess' buffoon John Kerry stumble his way from "Extremely small" bottle rocket popcorn fart (as if that is even worth doing) to turn over all your current stockpiles.

This entire episode could have been prevented a year ago without any force just meaningful diplomacy.

Now, President Obama traded away his good will, made the Russians look like the reasonable ones, all for some "Magic beans".

This is real Bush-league amateur crap and a poor excuse on how to run a country.

I fear for the next 3 years those laughing at us around the world right now, will be trying to fuck us and will probably succeed.