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OBAMA-CARE: Oregon Behind Schedule; Washington Site Opens - Rates Are Shocking

The Oregonian reports that Oregon's health exchange website won't be ready for weeks and is facing a $16 million budget shortfall, but Washington's website and call center opened September 3 (The Olympian 9/3/13). Southwest Washington residents will be shocked by what they will have to pay for individual/family health insurance.
We wanted a single-payer health care system from Obama and a Democrat-led congress. What we got was pure fascism--a health care plan very similar to one that Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, had tried to advance in Massachusetts in 1996 and was largely drafted by insurance company lobbyists. Obama-Care includes and individual mandate for all Americans to purchase health insurance from private corporations. Ostensibly, this free-market solution of having insurance companies compete in state-run exchanges will lower the cost of insurance and require insurance companies to provide coverage for all. The problem is that it is anything but free-market. As critics like Noam Chomsky and others have pointed out, Obama Care includes many giveaways to the drug and insurance industrial complex. The law forbids the U.S. government from negotiating prices with drug companies or importing drugs from other countries where they are cheaper (yeah, globalism is great unless it helps ordinary Americans and hurts big corporations' profits). Obama Care also exempts insurance companies from anti-trust legislation, so they will be free to engage in price fixing as needed to maintain profits.

Now you can visit wahealthplanfinder.org or call 1-855-WAFINDER (855-923-4633) to find out what you will pay the big insurance companies for Obama Care. Prepare to be shocked. As a 48 year old man with an annual income of $45,000 I could expect to pay $377/month for Washington's Silver Plan which covers 70% of costs. Currently, I can purchase a similar plan from ODS for $215/mo or Lifewise for $191/mo. Where's the savings? Oh but wait, what about the tax credit, that big egalitarian gesture from Obama? That will help me out with a $21/month tax credit. Altogether, the insurance premium would be $4,272 per year of my after tax income of about $36,000. I can't afford that, so Obama Care means nothing for me, except that I have a new federal tax to pay--1% of my taxable income, or roughly $400. If you refuse to pay that tax, eventually criminal statutes for tax evasion will kick in, which can mean prison time.

The people who were lucky enough to have true single-payer health care from the Washington Health Program or Oregon Health Plan will see those programs end now that this wonderful plan is in place to force them to buy private health insurance or pay taxes. Some companies like UPS have even announced that they will discontinue their company health plans for non-union employees, which will save them millions and force workers to buy from the health exchanges, too.

Call Obama Care what it is, a giveaway to big corporations and a stealth tax. When the constitutionality of Obama Care was referred to the Supreme Court, it was non other than conservative Federalist and Bush-appointee, cast the deciding vote on the justification that Obama Care was in reality a tax and Congress has the authority to impose taxes. That same logic would say that Congress could say you have to purchase Monsanto-produced GMO foods or face a tax.

Obama Care is a fascist health care system.

Chomsky on Obama Care 2010  link to dprogram.net