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Governor Rick Perry's Texas Posse Stole Away Hank Skinner's Ability to Ever Defend Himself

State of Texas Took Away Hank Skinner's Ability to Ever Defend Himself on Purpose !!

Sadly there are some very devious folks in Rick Perry's Texas Demonic Posse that decided on their own to execute Hank Skinner,even if he never committed these 3 murders he was charged with.
When the State of Texas Lost or most likely destroyed Hank skinner's most crucial exoneration DNA evidence after having possession of it for 16 yrs > Game Over !

This great country can never allow Rick Perry & Greg Abbott future Texas executions or long term imprisonments while losing possible exculpatory evidence again & again.

Just because Texas Governor Rick Perry & Texas State Attorney General Greg Abbott hate the Federal Government telling them what to do in other various issues,does not equate to them having Hank Skinner's evidence trashed

These 2 powerful Texas politicos sent Hank Skinner to be executed prior proper DNA tests, which resulted in our U.S. Supreme Court stopping the execution from taking place..

***Obviously what both of these too powerful Texas politicos are really saying to the rest of our country by claiming "States Rights with no Federal Oversights" *Only our posse will decide who we want to wrongfully execute & imprison and Uncle Sam can go take a hike..