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Emminent Attack by Saudi Arabia and Israel against Iran using stolen nukes from Minot AFB

Saudi Arabia and Israel set to launch nuclear attack against Iran with Cruise mated 20 megaton stolen from Minot AFB, ND. There are two articles based upon years of research and new intelligence information and personal knowledge. 2nd article is that gas used to kill Syrians was made a Pine Bluff facility an shipped by Sadam to world's largest Weapons of Mass Destruction Storage facility below Damascus shortly before 2nd Iraq invasion. Documented story with credible sources.
Putting Brakes on World War III>PUTTING THE BRAKES ON WORLD WAR III Copyright September 3, 2013 Investigative Journalist John Caylor - Reporting from Washington, D.C. Within a few days or hours it is almost certain Israel will launch one or two Boeing Cruise "mated 20 megaton nuclear weapons at Iran". This attack is being backed by Saudi Arabia and Israel the two instigators of A Fresh NEW WAR - World War III. The duo along with the Bush's "apparently planned the act of Aggression in the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks", as outlined in recent facts in U.S. District Court by Lloyd's of London and filed in federal court at the Western District of Pennsylvania in late 2012, further documented in "Salah vs. Bush," Northern District of California in 2013. When the nukes are launched they will emit a made in U.S.A. electronic signature and hopefully Russia, China other nations will realize these two weapons were reported missing and stolen from Minot AFB and reportedly flown cross country in a B-52 to Barksdale AFB, LA - this is not so as the nukes never left Minot AFB except according to my underground sources across the Canadian border which has no security in SUV's and transported to the port of Vancouver, B.C. for transport by ship. Defense Contractor "Black-Water" affiliated with the Bush's and Saudi Arabia did the inventory at Minot AFB, N.D. and all other missing nukes have been accounted for. The entire U.S.A.F nuclear program was shut down for 2 weeks during this time frame they were missing and my sources in F.B.I. Counter-Intelligence in late 2011 concurred that these weapons had most likely fallen into the hands of Israel now the Promised-Land of World Organized crime, due in large part there are no extradition laws for Ukraine gangsters who have commandeered the government of Israel.. Wayne Madsen formerly a National Security Agency contractor and U.S. Naval Intelligence officer, I and Dana Jill Simpson a nuclear weapons expert did an investigation into this incident at the time. The goal of any good investigative journalist is to enlighten people with hard to get credible facts and at times offset events from happening by exposure to the world on facts and analysis of battle plans of aggression that lead to loss of life and damage to our country's welfare and security. It is now fully clear that our President Obama is a C.I.A. officer handpicked and groomed to set this plan into motion and as warned against by former high ranking KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn who warned against this plan in 1967. Wayne Madsen wrote a book about the Obama C.I. A. Connections and facts. Madsen who is a close friend and confident has been instrumental in helping Edward Snowden in exposing high crimes against American opposition journalists and other persons. Americans are duty bound to protect our nation. Regardless of Obama's actions in Syria the "game plan is out of our hands" "Hellfire Missiles" have already been transported to United States Navy ships. These missiles are used for low level attacks on weapons depots and are often fired from helicopters and in this case would only shield from the world the fact that the gas used to kill the Syrian people was made in America please read my front page story about the same gas being used in 1988 to kill Kurds and Iranians by Sadam. Based upon evidence and lack of justification we should resist all attempts to drag us into another war please read "insider-magazine.com " Story about and how the nerve gas wound up in Syria. Call your Senator or Congressman and tell them NO MORE WAR FOR OIL......

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Idiotic story? 04.Sep.2013 11:50

Mike Novack

a) Why would Israel need to steal nukes from the US? They wouldn't want to use a 20 megaton hydrogen bomb in any case, too close to home. Something more in the 20-100 kiloton range more appropriate and that would be a fission bomb, not a fusion bomb. Israel wouldn't need to steal one of those. They have their own, or at least everybody assumes that they do.

b) Why would they need to steal a missile to deliver it? They've never had any trouble getting their fighter-bombers through Syrian defenses in the past.

c) Why would Israel want to end the Syrian civil war? However evil you might think the Jews nobody considers them stupid. A civil war in Syria that continued into the indefinite future eliminates any problems they might have with Syria for as long as the civil war lasted.

d) Have you been paying attention to the interaction between Israel and the fighters in Syria? Are you unaware that Israel has been quietly providing medical support and logistical support (via NGO's, not the Israeli government, but the Israeli government hasn't been stopping that sort of aid).

This very much a MULTI sided conflict where the various players have very different interests. As things stand now Israel is unlikely to get more directly involved unless:
1) The Syrian government forces attack Israel. Up to now Israel has very much stuck to "tit for tat" responses to what are probably misaimed artillery shells.
2) One of the groups that Israel WOULD support gets into serious trouble. That is, Druse, Circassians, or Kurds.

Wait - weren't you guys claiming that Portland would be nuked by those bombs? 06.Sep.2013 14:35

ghost of the captain

Will you apologize when this supposed Saudi-Israeli attack doesn't happen? Or will you claim that your warning saved the world? Even Novack is right about this one.