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"Food Sovereignty is Central in our Struggle for Social Justice"

A Comprehensive Agrarian Reform also includes a massive distribution of land as well as livelihood and productive resources to ensure permanent access to land for youth, women, the unemployed, the landless, displaced, and all those willing to engage in small-scale agroecological food production. Land is not a commodity.
"The cycles of life flow through water. Water is an essential part of ecosystems and all life. Water is a commons and therefore it must be protected.

Building on our strengths

Our strength is creating and maintaining unity through diversity. We present our vision which is inclusive, broadly-based, practical, radical and hopeful as an invitation to join us in transforming our societies and protecting Mother Earth.

Popular mobilization, confrontation with the powerful, active resistance, internationalism and local grassroots engagement are necessary components for effecting social change.

In our courageous struggles for food sovereignty we continue to build essential strategic alliances with social movements, including workers, urban organizations, immigrants, groups resisting mega-dams and the mining industry, among others.

Our main tools are training, education and communication. We are exchanging our accumulated knowledge of the methods and content of cultural, political, ideological and technical training. We are multiplying our schools, educational experiences and communication instruments with our bases.

We are committed to creating empowering spaces for rural youth. Our greatest hope for the future is the passion, energy and commitment articulated in the youth in our movement.

We go forward from this VI International Conference of La Vía Campesina, embracing new organizations, confident in our strengths and filled with hope for the future.
For the land and peoples' food sovereignty in solidarity and struggle!

to read the 4-page "Jakarta Call" from the 5th conference of the La Via Campesina international farmers' movement 6/13/2013, click on

 link to www.blaetter.de

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