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9.11 investigation | political theory

Gotta Question for Sen. Inhofe

yeah, you know _that_ Senator Inhofe.... 'point man' for the GOP's climate change denial machine.

Movement which has caused an overwhelming percentage of Republican legislators/politicians to reject the scientific consensus on climate change; and the concomitant right-wing echo chamber of mass media / TV / blogs / corporate-propaganda shills which spew out such "global warming skepticism" 24-7 (+ into the brains of Limbaughtomized masses of "TPers" and so-called "patriots"/"libertarians"/"[_fill_in_the_blank_]").

and which generally despise what (any) government policy would do in the interest of industrial/automotive emissions reductions; or any other sort of atmospheric remediation practices.

So I was please wondering, Honorable Senator James M. Inhofe (R-OK):

When will you organize those same (evidently powerful-effective) forces in support of a new investigation of 11 September 2001's events?

Gonna step up to THAT plate, Jimmy Boy ?
How about it, hm ?

homepage: homepage: http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/James_M._Inhofe
address: address: looking forward to your reply...