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BREAKING: Britain Sold Fluoride-Based Nerve Gas Chemicals to Syria at Same Time Portland C

The Portland Intelligencer has learned, via a post leaked to the Occupy Portland Facebook Group this afternoon, that last January ? at the same time Portland City Hall was attempting to obtain potassium and/or sodium fluoride ? Britain was selling these same two chemicals, used in the creation of nerve gas chemical weapons, to Syria.
BREAKING: Britain Sold Fluoride-Based Nerve Gas Chemicals to Syria at Same Time Portland City Hall Attempted to Obtain Fluoride http://pdxintelligencer.com/breaking-britain-sold-fluoride-based-nerve-gas-chemicals-to-syria-at-same-time-portland-city-hall-attempted-to-obtain-fluoride/
'While Britain was approving export licenses to Syria for these heinous chemicals of mass destruction, former Portland Mayor Sam Adams and former Water Commissioner Randy Leonard were having off-the-books meetings with secret lobbyists attempting to find a market for weapons-grade fluoride chemicals right here in our own city.'

homepage: homepage: http://pdxintelligencer.com/breaking-britain-sold-fluoride-based-nerve-gas-chemicals-to-syria-at-same-time-portland-city-hall-attempted-to-obtain-fluoride/

funny 01.Sep.2013 23:13


u r a funny bunny

Mike Novack 02.Sep.2013 05:53

That wasn't clear enough ......

... for those who have forgotten their high school chemistry

Yes of course, you can use most salts of an elements to obtain that element for combining into different compounds. For example, the element chlorine all by itself is a poisonous gas but sodium chloride is table salt. The same with fluorine. Salts of this element are used to add to drinking water* to strengthen teeth. Probably what Portland wanted to buy it for. The weak acid hydrogen fluoride is what you etch glass with (glass resists most any other acid). Nitrogen compounds can be used to make high explosives but also can be used for fertilizer.

THAT is why the first comment was about the article posted being silly.

* Advisable in areas where there is an unusually low amount occurring naturally. Probably less necessary in most places and better done by applications by dentists of controlled amounts. None is very bad but so it too much.