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America's LGBT Community Needs 2 Advise Governor Jerry Brown on CA Isolation Prison Reform

Arnold The Terminator Mentors CA Governor Jerry Brown on State Prison Torture & Girly Men!

California lawmakers Plead with President Obama Not To Attack Syria Until They Send the States Tortured Prison inmates There 4 a little Rendition R&R ..
Have to wonder what is going through California Governor Jerry Brown's mind knowing CA voters elected him to represent his State in a fashion that brings Inter+national acclaim,not horrified cries from tortured prison inmates !

We understand Jerry Brown the man does not condone CA prison torture,but everyone knows only Girly Men think isolation for years in California prison's amounts to torture.

Should all American's need to pray that California sends tortured isolated prison inmates to Syria's Bashar Assad for rendition so they can live?

We remember well the innocent $3 million richer Canadian citizen who requested his rendition to Syria from Canada via Uncle Sam !

We support Jerry Brown and hope he decides to now focus his keen mind on CA tortured prison residents plight being isolated in his States Penal System..

** When everything goes well in California,Governor Jerry Brown deserves and should receive the citizens praise & appreciation! Likewise when California Prison injustices continue to bring the State of California Inter+National negative attention,the buck again stops on Governor Jerry Brown's Desk..