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Video: NAACP: Audrey Terrell & Tony Funchess -PDX 50th Anniversary March on Washington DC

Audrey Terrell & Tony Funchess are both from the NAACP.
They spoke for 14 minutes at the "March on Washington DC 50 Year Anniversary" in Portland on 8.24.13

This march in Portland was a march and rally to celebrate the Historic 1963 March on Washington DC
 http://youtu.be/zxNDMGn5vz4 [14 minutes video on YT]

Audrey the President of the local chapter of the NAACP opens the speeches and Tony, the first Vice President delivers the final word and encouragement to "wake up!"

This portion of the event in this video was near the end of the rally, march & speeches, at Waterfront. Park.

Audrey mentions to the crowd that you would think these same issue 50 years later after that march on Washington, would not still be a problem. (yet) We still need today to demand civil rights accountability, a stop to racial profiling, and to duplicate that enthusiasm from the civil rights movement.

Tony brings the conversation around to the nightmare on hand now. He brings up the challenge of today, 50 years later the same issues are still prevalent and require our attention. In a riveting sincere call out... he asks us all:

How long ...

50th anniversary march on Washington - Portland Or. NAACP: Audrey Terrell & Tony Funchess 8.24.13
 http://youtu.be/zxNDMGn5vz4 [14 minute video]

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