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350PDX Action Team Meeting [last] Saturday!

Join the 350PDX Action Team this Saturday, August 24, from 3:00-4:30 to learn what opportunities lie ahead for taking action to fight climate change. RSVP to  goto350pdx@gmail.com or 503-0705-1943 for location.

One major local project going on right now is getting people to participate in the Longview Coal Terminal Scoping Process. "Scoping" is the term used to describe the thorough investigation of an industrial project examining its safety, social, health, and environmental impacts. Here is a short list of projects & events that are on the table for discussion at Saturday's meeting:

Preparation for the September 17th Longview hearing: NOW through 9/17
Comment-writing workshop: Sept 7
Longview scoping hearing: Sept 17
Kathleen Dean Moore talk/workshops: Sept 21
350.org's KXL action: "Draw The Line": Sept 21
Longview scoping hearing in Vancouver, WA: Oct. 9

Even if you can't make it to the meeting this Saturday, feel free to contact 350PDX anyway through email or phone to find out how you can get involved in current and upcoming projects.
Contact: goto350pdx [at] gmail.com
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