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demand Ben Pickering be given MRI and Trauma care for ER Security Guard assault

Portland Police Brutality victim and penetrating Traumatic Brain Injury victim assaulted by security guard in Providence ER
Ben emerged from room 16 from his blind left side as he was crushed in a full force door crush on Ben to smash hom
one wrong blow to the head can kill a TBI survivor especially of the severity of Pickering
Portland Police also crushed his skull may 6 2013
call Providence Emergency Room and demand Ben Pickering be given MRI and Trauma care for ER Security Guard assault
Message From Mary Rose Lenore ENg, Benjamen Pickering's Friend of Two Months

Hey Benjamen Harvey Pickering friends and family please call Providence Emergency Room and demand Ben Pickering be given MRI and Trauma care for ER Security Guard assault which happened Friday Morning. Ben's continued denial of MRI and x-rays after the Portland Police violently crushed his skull and blind eye in May 2013 hurts him much. Providence Medical Malpractice: ER Security Assault of TBI survivor Benjamen Pickering  http://braingarbagedystopie.blogspot.com/2013/08/providence-medical-malpractice-er.html ... 503 215 6000 is the Emergency Room where he is on a 20 person possibly several day waiting list for a bed in Unit 5L the assault happened at Room 16 by male older grey Mustached Security Guard who body slammed Ben Pickering with in the door crushing him so violently i shrieked twice. They have escorted me from the hospital after i witnessed the assault.
Please call Mary Eng 503 577 0963 if i can help or you can help with Medical Records.
The Portland Police charged Ben with Misdemeanor for drinking ice water at the Bar where they beat him 8868 NE Sandy.
Court dates are September 5th and September 23 at Multnomah County Courthouse. after the assault in the ER i am more worried than ever.
believe he needs to be taken to TBI center, intensive care, and for specialist and ophthamological review and surgical reappraisal of the injured blind left eye and yesterdays ER security assault.
Portland Police injuries to Ben's ribs re-traumatized in the Door Crushed on ben with extreme force.
There is Surveillance footage of this event. Providence should not be allowed to destroy it.
Providence Hospital denying assualt occurred even though the violent security guard almost trampled me as he screamed at and lunged at Benjamen seconds before Benjamen Pickering was crushed.
the Hospital where Ben is currently is Providence at NE Glisan and 49th in Portland Oregon.
His original TBI care providers or eye surgery specialists would be extremely helpful.
Portland Police Officer Ryan Martinson 51726 responded to my report of a criminal homicidal assault on Benjamen Pickering. there will be a Portland Police "Notebook" report.
He spoke to Ben at 5:50 pm last evening.

as of my 2:40 Am Charge Nurse Tyler is passing on my concerns.
Charge Nurse Sara Holland present for attack is trying to Cover-up the severity of the assault that will be shown in the video surveillance footage.

please call hospital administrators
503 215 6467 ER Mgr
503 215 6106 Security Head Dave Bodine
503 215 6000 ER charge Nurse

and any state senators or powerful friends allies medical and legal support services to help Ben if you can!

I never expected to see such a near lethal blow to Benjamen Pickering in a Hospital setting

love you hope he won't mind i posted this to his facebook
xo mary eng

also he wants you to watch his musical youtube especially black cat about the portland police beating as well as the other awful things that have happened to him in this wretched town

faith, hope, love

homepage: homepage: http://braingarbagedystopie.blogspot.com/2013/08/providence-medical-malpractice-er.html
phone: phone: 5035770963