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The perspective of an Anarchist in Syria

This is from a blog posting by a self-proclaimed Anarchist who lives in Syria. More information can be found at their blog:  https://tahriricn.wordpress.com/
"SYRIA: On Interventions and the Syrian Revolution"

By Darth Nader

The Syrian revolution is a revolution that began as a struggle for self-determination. The Syrian people demanded to determine their own destiny. And, for more than two years, against all odds, and in the face of massive repression and destruction from the Assad regime, they persevered.

In the course of the revolutionary process, many other actors have also appeared on the scene to work against the struggle for self-determination. Iran and its militias, with the backing of Russia, came to the aid of the regime, to ensure the Syrian people would not be given this right. The jihadis of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham and others, under the guise of "fighting the Assad regime," worked against this right as well. And I feel the same way about any Western intervention.

Some would argue that we have come a long way from that, that it isn't even about self-determination anymore, but rather, simply stopping the killing. This is a position I cannot support. If it was simply about stopping the killing, then I would've supported the jihadis when they came in, because, no one can deny, they were the best armed and the best equipped to challenge the Assad regime. But I didn't, and many others didn't, because we knew that despite their ability to challenge the regime, that they did not share the goals of the Syrian people. They wanted to control the Syrian people, and stifle their ability to determine their own destiny. Because of this, they were counter-revolutionaries, even if they were fighting against the regime.

And now in the face of a possible Western intervention in Syria, I hold the same position. Many would say I'm being ideological, and that I should just focus on stopping the killing; but those people are ignoring that, even on pragmatic terms and within their own line of reasoning, their argument holds no sway, after repeated US insistence that "these will only be punitive strikes" and they "do not intend to topple the regime." What indication is there that these strikes will do anything to stop the killing, or "solve" the Syrian crisis?

I don't care about sovereignty. Syria has become a land for everyone but Syrians nowadays. The myth of Syrian sovereignty is not why I oppose Western intervention. Neither is the prospect of the destruction of Syria, for it has already been destroyed by this criminal regime. I oppose Western intervention because it will work against the struggle for self-determination, that is, against the Syrian revolution.

Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. I have no doubt about this. And this could have been prevented if the Syrian resistance was actually given weapons that could have tilted the balance against the regime. But foreign powers sat on their hands, not wanting Assad to win, but not wanting the resistance to win either. They couldn't give weapons to the Syrian people to defend themselves, they said, who knows whose hands they might end up in? They might accidentally end up in, say, the hands of Syrians who wanted to determine their own destiny despite foreign interests!

So we've come full circle. No one armed the Syrian resistance, so they were killed by the regime, or forced to put up with jihadi infiltration. So Assad used chemical weapons against the Syrians, and the West wants to respond to teach Assad a lesson, a response that still guarantees that Syrians have no say in the matter of their future. And the regime will probably live through any "punitive" Western intervention, and the killing will probably not stop.

But despite all that, the Syrian revolution, and, at its heart, the Syrian people's struggle for liberation and to determine their own destiny, will live on.

proof 29.Aug.2013 20:59


NO ONE has any real proof that Assad did it. Not Obama and not the U.N. (who are avoiding the question). YOU have the proof? Where's the Beef bro?

Secret Service Death Toll In Waco, TX Goes Up Yet Again 30.Aug.2013 08:46


The Secret Service has now killed 27,000 (not just 18,000) U.S. citizens in Waco Texas with sarin gas.

Get the U.N. in there NOW!

The perspective of an Anarchrist in Jackson, Mississippi 30.Aug.2013 09:20


We want some of this self-de-termination too! Why not? We ain't got no food till the end of the month when the food card lets us into Walmart for potatoe chips. All the money goes for war, and our nephew says they must have spent a hell of a lot on that destroyer he's on for damn sure!

Anyways, the Diebold machine took away all of our self-de-termination in 2000, so we be screwed anyways. Good luck with your indifinit de-tention problem in Syria.

At least the N.S.A. is listens to us. Whatever the frutk that is.

If you can't see the pattern,,, 30.Aug.2013 16:25

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

I'll point it out for you. Assad was pressured into torturing and rounding certain Iraqi Bath party members for the US during the Iraq occupation that sought refuge in Syria. Gaddafi was forced into torturing for the US as part of a deal that would lift sanctions on Libya. Mubarack was forced into torturing by the US in order to maintain military aid. Saddam came to power in a coup in Iraq with the help of the CIA and then fought a proxy war for the US against Iran and was supplied the the nerve agent Tuban by the US military as that was the only organization that possessed it which prevented the Iranians from winning the war. Hitler and his Nazi party were financed into power and illegally supplied all the armament metal and tnt it required to launch WWII by the American oligarchs. All of this was done by the American subscribers to the Aryan myth. The Bush family, Henry Ford, Edison, John D. Rockefella, John D. RockaFella Jr. FDR, Truman, Mellon, Carnegy, etc.. America always cleans up as much of the evidence trail that would link them to their real goal, global domination by the white race.