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Obama Administration Responds to Anti-War Backlash with Promise of Relaxed Marijuana Enfor

The Obama administration has recently come under fire, even from many former supporters, amidst a season of scandal and unpopular policy ? revelations of domestic spying, prosecution of whistle-blowers & journalists, and now, the prospect of a messy war in Syria. In a breathtaking show of resolve, the administration is showing signs of giving in to popular opinion ? by signalling that it is ready to think about the possibility of considering trying out maybe not being so harsh on enforcing federal marijuana prohibition in states with legalized medical marijuana.
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maxim 29.Aug.2013 21:06


I guess that old saw applies to all Presidents, even Obomber. "Damned if you do, damned if you don't". Maybe he should just arrest everyone under 40. Would that make you happier?