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Me, my friends, and Dr. King

Maybe not so well-informed, but certainly deserved, satire
And, after his speech at the Mall today in which he paid reference to Dr. King, President Obama gave a few moments to the press as he and members of their entourage were boarding the Presidential helicopter. To the noise of the copters turbine and rotors, this is what he said.

"I really don't have time for any questions, but I will make a statement just so you guys have something of real substance to report.

As you can see, me and the guys are loading our clubs for a round at the Middle Eastern Graveyard Club. I know the course isn't quite finished, but, as this is funded by the US borrowing and tax dollars, we will tour the construction to be sure that our money is being well spent. We're all quite enthusiastic, as we've all had some input in its design, and we've been asked to give our attention to some reluctance of the Syrians. But building upon the previous underfunded and unfinished older European effort and the spotty of native sovereign support for our friends in big oil, with the support of the UN and the inclusion of the previous European investors as NATO, the expertise that the US has been able to contribute since the end of World War II that really began to shape up in the late '40s in Israel is becoming be a truly magnificent, if difficult to maintain, set of links to play on.

I might add that while we're playing I plan to discuss an adjoining and sister course to this in Africa, upon which we've already began construction. We haven't quite decided what to formally call it beyond a cryptic (and secret) acronym, but it's been suggested that we keep it simple, such as the African Graveyard Club. It promises to be a study in contrast, lush greenery, maybe less of those deep sand bunkers of its sister course, but the views across the great rift are magnificent, the hazards well underway thanks to the contributions of big oil in the Congo and Niger, and the vast expanses of savanna during both the dry and rainy season will make for some entertaining holes. Don't forget, either, the sights, for a while anyway, of the herds of dwindling wildlife, and, if one's lucky, glimpses of the feared (but not for long) predators that prey upon those herds. As you know, we've created a separate Department of Defense command to help speed the construction, have the Federal Reserve to issue the needed bonds, and have a Congress that supports our efforts in substance if not in whole. I plan to work on that Congress. And should give mention to private efforts, such as Bill Gates giving his time over there now touting GM products and practices along with the aforementioned big oil and resource extraction in general. I plan to use all my influence, and because I share the same skin color with quite a bit of the population and am a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate as are great men such as Dr. King and Nelson Mandella, I think I've got a leg up in influence and credibility, don't you?

Well, I've got to run guys. We've set a goal of having lunch in what's left of Damascus.