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Obama, Biden & Kerry: False Flag Chem Attack Is New 911-United For War

Anyone remember Fallujah? Not in the United States of Hypocrisy.
hail Caesar
hail Caesar
Watching Obama, Biden and Kerry wipe away huge crocodile tears is like watching a rerun of Bush and Cheney choking up about the horror of the 911 attacks. Excellent acting from top-drawer frat-boys with a flair for histrionics. Their circumventing of United Nations investigations smacks of the infamous WMD claims made by Bushco before the Iraq invasion. "We don't need no steenking badges" to tell us what's up. Sadaam had nukes and Assad has chems. The usual assumptions that so conveniently mesh with the NWO's blueprints for the region: The United Arab States of Saudi Arabia. The liberal, humane "Democratic" facade has completey melted away with this unholy trio of false-flag warmongering in the name of "humanity". It's enough to make a citizen throw up. You expected this sort of evil posturing from the likes of Bush, but Obama's Springsteen-esque campaigns always promised a new era of truth and transparency. Look where it's all led- the verge of a new world war, involving Israel and Russia too. Biden says only Assad has chemical weapons. But the US has confiscated plenty in the region over the years, and has stockpiled them in secure locations waiting for days like this. But the UN is a useless, clueless organization that is corrupt from top to bottom. It's just a rubberstamp for the superpowers that dominate evrey sector of it's structure. Their pussyfooting about "searching" for chem evidence in Syria is evidence of their submission and subservience to the United States and the other major Western powers of Europe. A few shots from a couple of snipers never stopped the U.N. in the Congo or Haiti. Only in Syria can the whole deal be sabotaged in a way that defies all attempts to translate and bring it to the public's attention. So much deception is presently at work as the State Department and the Pentagon pour on the propaganda. The fact that dyed in the wool warmongers like John McCain are supporting Obama 100% on this should be a real wake-up call for liberals and Democrats. But Nooo- they're all hyptnotized by the sight of choking children foaming at the nose. Just like the constant bombardment of 911 images for days after the attacks, the MSM is presently brainwashing Americans, who are basically humane people at heart, with their evil scenario. A false scenario designed to "Pearl Harbor" us into accepting another illegal invasion of a sovereign nation. The absolute hypocrisy of crying "chemical weapons!" by a nation that has already used them in Fallujah, Iraq, a nation that has contaminated an entire country with depleted uranium from hardened shells, where thousands are born with terrible Hiroshima-like birth defects, this hypocrisiy is sickening to the max. Who speaks for Peace in America? Who in the "hallowed halls" of Washington, D.C. is for Peace? We murder the MLK's and JFK's in America. Obama commemorating King this week is almost too much to witness. King was killed because he was against the Vietnam WAR. Warmonger Obama beats the war drum as he eulogizes a Spirit that is definitely not approving of the first Black President's trend toward war. It's all very disheartening to someone from the sixties like me who saw so much sacrifice and pain come down on this nation- only to come to days like this, where almost every hailed hero is made of clay instead of iron.

MLK 29.Aug.2013 09:04


ps- King was killed by a coalition of federal agents and KKK members. True!

The Wheels Just Came Off the Syria War Wagon (repost) 29.Aug.2013 13:29

Washington's blog

Aug 29, 2013 --
U.S. and British Intelligence Officials Admit they Don't Know Whether the Syrian Government Or Rebels Used Chemical Weapons