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Mounting independent scientific evidence indicates that GM food, feed and pesticides, made by the 'Agent Orange' and 'the IG Auschwitz companies' 5 WILL DAMAGE YOUR OFFSPRING'S REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH in a chemical warfare/mass medication onslaught.
They've broken down the gate (privacy) and they're coming in!


The life impulse will have to defend itself against intruders and destroyers.
--Wilhelm Reich, The Mass Psychology of Fascism

[With the power of science and technology, the...] ...increase of productivity of labor has not been used to lighten mens burdens but to...improve methods of killing ... our technology will bring disaster unless we can learn to cooperate. -- Bertrand Russell

'You come out of the block. You see a fire coming out of the chimneys. You smell this terrible smell - that of flesh as it burns. And someone says, "This is not a factory. This is where they are burning your family." And you say, "You are mad..." --Auschwitz survivor Lily Ebert


Something is rotten in the states of NATO. The transformation of the West into an anti-freedom, totalitarian regime of pervasive control has finally become starkly apparent to all with the emergence of the NSA/corporate spying scandal--a public-private partnership in "total information awareness." The exponential increase in technical capabilities thanks to new technology--the fruit of Labor--has ironically empowered a scientific dictatorship under which workers are forging their own chains. This is a question of abuse of power, a political problem, not a problem with science/technology per se. Science and technology are neutral tools which may be used, or abused--under the blind law of doing whatever may be technically possible to do.

So now we know that besides total control of information-out (media) we also have total control of information-in (your data). The illegal destruction of the right to privacy is a big news story. But it is an old news story, that was never really taken up before by the controlled media. Their trumpeting of this old news at this time is probably intended to cover up aspects of the new social control system even more shocking and dangerous, as we will see further on in this article. But the cataloguing of personal data is itself dangerous. It is the gateway to total control over individuals. In place of genuine elections, dictatorships use this sort of list making to maintain political control by profiling friend or foe... for blackmail, purges or mass exterminations (1940s Germany, 1960s Indonesia...). So let's say a little prayer: May they choke on the bytes and drown under great rolling tides of information.

There is no 'data' more personal than DNA. For the 'biotech' or genetic engineering industry, DNA splicing is data manipulation. This is also the view taken by courts,1 which has enabled the patenting of genetically manipulated organisms (GMOs), like new software, since 1981.2 Here the control imperative, if unrestrained, has far-reaching implications, harkening back to the Nazi eugenic dream of a 'master race,' or the alchemist dream of creating life (GMOs are modified, not created).

The public is consuming unmarked pesticides!

The Western petrochemical/pharmaceutical complex, with a toxic legacy of pollution, fraud, convictions for conspiracy,3 alliance with Naziism and crimes against humanity 4 occupy the new biotech space in GM food. ['Antibiotic,' the glory of Big Pharma, means 'against life.'] Big Poison and the 'tamed poison' business are taking upstream control over the Food chain and substituting their synthetics. They are promulgating a pro-GMO & Pharma-Codex to consolidate global control. Incredibly, THE PUBLIC IS CONSUMING UNMARKED PESTICIDE engineered into or directly applied to and absorbed by the synthetic 'Frankenfood' crops. Other bioactive chemicals from petrochem plastics are absorbed from the environment. The verdict from independent studies since the commercial introduction of GM crops and their pesticides in 1996 is in: they promote disease (a boon to Pharma) and are linked with dropping fertility rates (see article), even as we feel the social engineering pressure on male/female mating--the corporate regime's new zero-child policy.

GM food, feed and pesticides, made by notorious poison manufacturers, may DAMAGE YOUR OFFSPRING'S REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH

To what end a drive to lower fertility rates? Genetic modification for what else? Genetic control. It is a documented fact that the birth control organizations of today are an outgrowth of the eugenics movement of the 20th... century. In a regime of total control, fertility must be regulated. Reproduction must be regulated. We are witnessing an unprecedented move to bring the regimentation of industrial production to bear on human reproduction, in terms of genetic Quality Control. We all saw the US fascist coup, even if we didn't recognize it at the time. Indications are that the other shoe had already dropped...a final solution to the 'problem' of freedom in human breeding. Mounting independent scientific evidence indicates that GM food, feed and pesticides, made by the 'Agent Orange' and 'the IG Auschwitz companies' 5 WILL DAMAGE YOUR OFFSPRING'S REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH in a chemical warfare/mass medication onslaught.

They've broken down the gate (privacy) and they're coming in!

The history of industrialization under capitalism is the history of the expropriation from peoples of their natural birthrights: land for food; enjoyment of the fruits of their labor; 6 their freedom; their life. This has been called the conquest of Nature...the advancement of a machine civilization, over the bones of its Nature-adapted victims, at odds with the natural environment in which it dwells. This is the opposite of "sustainability," the system's current mantra of rationalization, as it drives madly forward, unbalanced, now turning inward towards the new frontiers of inner space and a conquest of human nature ("We are mapping the human brain"--Obama). The destruction of personal privacy is the first domino towards total control over the individual--ultimately leading to control over his genetic make-up. They've broken down the gate and they're coming in! (TSA invasiveness was just the beginning).

The next birthright under threat in this crossing of a blood red Rubicon is the right to freely reproduce. Its denial, for the purpose of a kind of 'unnatural selection,' is based on a mass extinguishing of life through the chemical sabotage of reproductive health.7

Totalitarianism has no limits in its blind, mechanistic drive for power and control over Nature and the individual. Rather than adapt the shape of human society to fit human nature and needs, our inverted New Order will remake human nature to fit requirements of its profit and death machine.


[There is a] conflict between the imperialist need for war and the pacific nature of ...people [who] are averse to fighting―...and, betrayed momentarily by the collapse of group-think―object very strongly to dying.
Wyndham Lewis, Art of Being Ruled


This is the final destination of the runaway train. GMOs are part of the eugenic 'depopulation' picture, to eliminate 'undesired genetic lines.' Extermination is a form of leverage over the content of the human gene pool, 'important for breeding.'

The train will pass all the stations along the way : the erosion of gender difference; chemical disabling of fertility for sterility, by : neutering with EDCs (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals); corruption of DNA resulting in miscarriage or birth defects; promotion of same sex coupling; controlled evolution of the species through conscious "selection" of who will successfully reproduce--the 'perfecting' of humankind through 'quality control' processing of 'genetic resources.'

They will be latent 'slow kills,' accomplished through disease, sabotaged reproductive function or fetal development. The exterminators have learned to make like abortionists, but unwelcome ones, with unwilling and unknowing patients, mass-medicated with GM food.

The coup makers and their collaborators--NATO's rulers in the West, knowing or unknowing torchbearers of Naziism, a vampire that won't stay dead--have begun carrying out their final solution, to control reproduction for 'self-directed evolution'... the Nazi dream come true. Only this time, in yet another round of industrial-scale killing, the greater technological means now available allow the concealment of mass exterminations, as covert, asymmetric chemical and biological warfare. They will be latent 'slow kills,' accomplished through disease, sabotaged reproductive function or fetal development. The exterminators have learned to make like abortionists, but unwelcome ones, with unwilling and unknowing 'patients,' mass medicated with GM food.

We have seen a variation of this new approach to covert mass killing in Iraq with DU (Depleted Uranium) radiological corruption of DNA resulting in miscarriages and birth defects. In Vietnam, a highly relevant precedent, Monsanto's 'Agent Orange' herbicide was a chemical warfare agent used against farms to destroy food crops, cause famine and half-a-million birth defects.

The cover story for the horror to come this time is already out...a novel, GMO-spawned pathogen.

The throttle is stuck down on the open-mouthed and voracious death machine -- a runaway train that must now somehow be derailed. We will not have our children's reproductive rights--the right to reproduce--denied. We will not have industrial pollution of the human genome. We will have a humanized world served by industry, not a corporate world government with profit enshrined and humanity relegated to a role as commodified, manipulable and expendable resource.

Now is the time for patriots in media and military to do their duty to defend the people.


On Secret Government

Transparency? One fears that greater transparency will only reveal armies of maggots at work beneath the skin of a culture that needs a bit of a lie-down in order to collect itself before taking its next giant step [Syria?] which is to conquer Eurasia, a potentially fatal adventure ...
--Gore Vidal

see also article in this issue: "What Is Class War?"


1 Diamond vs Chakabarty, USSC 1981 [fact of something being a living organism (bacteria) has no legal import for the purposes of intellectual property; 2013 court ruling on patenting human genes states that isolation alone is not sufficient for registering IP. Presumably it would take modification, and the fact of being human has no legal import for IP purposes. Who will we be paying for our blue eyes?]

2 an oil-eating bacterium, patent sold to Exxon 1981

3 US, 1974 "GAF (Am IG US), Bayer, BASF, DuPont and 5 other co.'s indicted for conspiracy to fix the price of dyestuffs in US. All plead guilty."--J Borkin, Crime and Punishment of IG Farben, 1978

4 Nuremberg, 1948. BASF (Ambros, Krauch), Bayer (Ter Meer), Hoechst [Aventis] (Jaehne)

5 Agent Orange: herbicide chem warfare agent used by US in Vietnam resulting in 500,000 birth defects;
IG Auschwitz: BASF, Bayer, formerly of the IG Farben cartel, which operated a petrochemical complex and slave labor camp at Auschwitz (Monowitz Bunawerke). 25,000 dead. IG Farben was also "complicit in crimes committed at Auschwitz-Birkenau, leading to the death of an estimated 1.5 million people, according to the Auschwitz museum in Poland." --wikipedia

6 The Civil War rise-to-power of burgeoning industrial and finance capital put an end to American slavery, the basis of the Southern economy. But the conditions imposed by the new masters remained of a kind ... "which says 'You toil and work and earn bread―and I'll eat it, no matter in what shape it comes."
--A. Lincoln

7 'reproductive health' - in its original, dictionary sense: the state of being able to reproduce.
*In its hijacked, ideological sense it has come to mean 'having access to anti-fertility measures' (contraception and abortion). Similarly for 'reproductive rights,' taken to mean the right to terminate pregnancy rather than its literal meaning 'the right to reproduce.' First the name of the thing is stolen. Then the thing itself is stolen.

8 "unknowing' : 'Blind ignorance is equivalent to knowledge.'

This issue of Resistance is dedicated to the memory of the late President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, martyr for the great and inextinguishable cause of human social progress.

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