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Your Doom Begins Tomorrow! (Or By Week's End.)

If you die this week in the coming thermonuclear war, THEY will live about five more years in their fascist deep underground military bunkers. Then they will come up and die with everything else. Read and watch the following links.
Syria, Iran issue first explicit warning to Israel if US attacks:

The REAL Reason Israel Attacked Syria:

The Road to World War 3:

The millionaire "progressive" Amy Goodman never saw a war she didn't love.

It's because suckers believe in Ford Foundation sponsored "IRV voting" but not the simplest form of score voting. The answer is so absurdly simple.

TARPLEY.net — Hague, Fabius, Ashton, Davutoglu, Israelis Scream for US Attack on Syria; Russia Warns of Pre-Planned Provocation by Rebels; Obama and Dempsey Still Resisting — WBAI [FM, NYC] — Doomed By Amy Goodman's Syria War — August 24, 2013 — Audio Stream — 14 minutes in:

"Amy Goodman, the bloodsucker, we're told that WBAI [FM, NYC] is four million dollars of debt, and it's going under, it's going down, it's going to cease to exist, after all these years, after 1950, Amy Goodman is owed 2 million dollars in debt money, she says NO, I want my pound of flesh; and she wants more than her pound of flesh , she's for "humanitarian" "intervention" and we get the picture."

The U.S.A. would begin the War with cruise missile attacks on Syria, and army commando attacks on Damascus. Russia would respond with Spetnaz commando attacks through Georgia, into Israel, and with Sunburn missile attacks on U.S.A. carriers and amphibious ships. Also with S-400 attacks on U.S.A fighter bombers. They would also decimate Israel with Iskander missiles. Iran would destroy the Saudi oil fields, and of course the Gulf of Persia.

Then China would send 200 million troops through Pakistan, into Israel, and beyond.

It will be a bit messy.

The price of oil might increase.

Regarding Amy Goodman, and her Democracy "Now", see the Ford Foundation "left":

GlobalResearch.ca — "Democracy Now" and the "Progressive" Alternative Media: Valued Cheerleaders For Imperialism and War — July 13, 2012

The major Western mainstream media outlets have been running a "shock and awe" propaganda offensive against the Syrian government of President Bashar Al Assad for nearly 16 months. The misinformation has been unrelenting, monolithic, unverified, one-sided and, frankly, increasingly preposterous.

With the suppression of mounting facts that Western governments are waging a covert war of aggression in Syria, the Western public is right to treat the conventional media sources with skepticism and outright contempt. Such media are seen as "politicized" and "unreliable", serving a naked imperialist agenda for Western regime change. In a word, they are damaged goods.

This is where a segment of the so-called alternative media can play a valuable propaganda function for Western powers. Because such media are supposed to be independent, critical, non-corporate, the public tends to consider their reports as objective and unbiased. One such "alternative" news service is "Democracy Now" hosted by Amy Goodman. Goodman is seen as something of a campaigning critical journalist shedding the light of truth on the depredations of the US government, corporations and the Pentagon. But a closer look at what Goodman's "Democracy Now" is reporting on Syria shows that the purported critical broadcaster has become a purveyor of Western government propaganda. While the mainstream media's propaganda function is obvious to the informed public, Goodman's "Democracy Now" plays a more subtle role. Camouflaged with the trappings of critical, independent journalism, "Democracy Now" serves to sow powerful seeds of misinformation in a way that the "compromised" mainstream media cannot.

This misinformation from "Democracy Now" is valuable to the ruling elite because to many of its readers it is not seen as misinformation.

Rather, the "news" on "Democracy Now" is viewed as reliable and representing the views of the anti-war, anti-imperialist constituency. In this way, Goodman is a valuable asset to Washington and Wall Street because her broadcasts can serve to disorient and undermine a constituency that is normally opposed to Western warmongering and imperialism. Many of the subscribers to "Democracy Now" may see through the misinformation. Many, though, may not, and therefore will become embedded with the imperialist agenda. The fact that Democracy Now ratings appear to be holding up would indicate that a lot of its followers are oblivious to the insidious effect of such misinformation. As such, Democracy Now is more valuable to the powers-that-be than, say, the New York Times or the Financial Times. "Democracy Now" ensures that the agenda of the powerful becomes infiltrated in a constituency that would otherwise be opposed to that agenda.

First, let's recap on the mainstream propaganda offensive against Syria.

Since mid-March 2011, when violence was initially reported in that country, the Western mainstream television, radio and press studiously ignored the evidence of covert foreign-backed subversion and terrorism. Instead these outlets have sought to portray the protests as part of the pro-democracy Arab Spring popular movements that were seen in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Bahrain. The mainstream media have run saturation coverage to demonise the government in Damascus as a "brutal, authoritarian regime" that is cracking down mercilessly on its civilian population demanding democratic reforms. The narrative is monolithic in the major media outlets on both sides of the Atlantic. Whether the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, or the Financial Times, Guardian, Independent, Le Monde, BBC, ITN, the Irish national broadcaster RTE or the Middle East's much-vaunted Al Jazeera - the "story" on Syria is uncannily uniform. A noble, civilian mass-based movement is being savagely crushed by a tin-eared dictator, so the story goes.

Every possible smear campaign against the Assad government has been indulged in and indeed fabricated. From the alleged killing of innocent civilians by the national armed forces, to the perpetration of massacres by pro-government militias, to self-inflicted car bombs in urban centers by Assad secret services, to the feckless shopping habits of the president's wife. Russia Today, Press TV, Der Spiegel, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the Vatican News Service (Agenzia Fides), to name a few, have been honorable exceptions in mainstream media journalism for conveying a more accurate picture of what is really happening inside Syria - showing that "protesters" are far from peaceful civilians, and much of the violence is actually stemming from Western, Turkish and Arab-backed mercenaries that have infiltrated the country. As the facts of US and NATO-backed violence in Syria become more transparent and harder to conceal owing to the sheer volume of covert involvement, the Western public has rightly become more skeptical about what the mainstream media outlets are telling them. Indeed, the blatant misinformation and lies that are being sold as journalism is increasingly seen as contemptible.

Politics in the Zeros — Pacficia Radio Network flagship station WBAI [FM, NYC] lays off 75% of staff — Sat Aug 10, 2013

This is of maybe marginal interest to a very small and diminishing circle of friends. But the chickies have come home to roost and Pacifica Radio's flagship station WBAI is laying off its entire staff. It demise will likely sink the rest of the listener supported network. I'm only surprised it took this long. More than a decade ago Amy Goodman and her pals set off a phony "revolution" inside Pacifica, took it over, cut a sweet heart deal for Democracy Now (which privatized itself). Most of the institutional American Left bought the phony narrative and now we have the results... a network on the brink of extinction. BTW, don't confuse with me someone who cares. I'm merely reporting.

It's really easy to mess with the paupers if you have billions of dollars to play the game with. Stop believing the rich "liberal" Amy Goodmans — start there.

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Why did you spoil it, "Blues"? 30.Aug.2013 06:59

Mike Novack

"Then China would send 200 million troops through Pakistan, into Israel, and beyond."

Your earlier predictions might be thought simply wrong, whether either Russia or China WOULD choose to take any military action and your analysis of the comparative performance of weapons systems. Could excuse the last as there has been no recent "test" of that (the only valid test is under real wartime conditions).

But then you get silly, really silly, which means people will doubt the reality things you said before.

You don't understand?

1) 200 million people would be about 1/5 of China's total population.

2) All the transport resources in the world couldn't move that many people in a short period of time. By which short I mean a couple years.

3) All the transport resources in the world couldn't supply that many people if concentrated into one relatively small area. In other words, if 200 million people simply appeared in Israel they would soon die. There aren't the number of ports to receive the necessary cargo, enough rail lines with enough capacity to move it from the ports. Not enough planes on the planet to do it by air drops.

Two million (just 1% of your figure) would be difficult to supply, twenty million (just 10% of your figure) probably impossible.

Have you never 03.Sep.2013 19:01


You must have never said anything silly, if you think that people only believe those who have never said anything silly, or you just must be silly yourself, which is the most probable alternative.