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Assad: World Class Fascist War Criminal: Yes, End His Regime in Syria!

U.S., U.N., Britain, France, and anyone else who cares for justice and democracy should applaud real aid to the rebels and move quickly to end to end the Assad regime, a desperate criminal now nerve gassing the larger Syrian population.
O.K, I too received an email from Democrats.com for a campaign against U.S. intervention in Syria. Obama of course said that the fascist Assad using nerve gas on the population would be "crossing a red line."

Do the western imperialists have ulterior motives? OF COURSE! But the Syrian people's just struggle cannot refuse badly needed arms... capabilities to even the field a little

As in Libya, its right for the people to rise up against a tyrant... and any progressive who is not a religious pacifist should support the overthrow of Assad and international intervention.

Did you isolationists oppose the international brigades in Spain in the 1930's?

Do Libya and Egypt still have a long way to go to achieve anything resembling democracy? (The U.S., by the way, could use a little less NSA and a little more democracy). No question... but change requires those who would change the exising fascist order to take advantage of contradictions between the "great" powers.

"Depleted" Uranium, Flesh-Eating White Phosphorus Eat Women And Children 27.Aug.2013 22:04


This all comes from America.

No "law" against that!

Because we are MONSTERS.

WE ARE A ZOMBIE CULTURE. Say I am disloyal to these Zombies! Say it!

US hypocrisy 28.Aug.2013 09:41


Where did Syria get these weapons? Could it be from the US? Just like Iraq when Saddam went after Iran. The US also used them in Fallujah. We cannont attack Assad for doing the same thing that our government has done. I hope the Syrian people can win their freedom from their dictator. The way to help is to stop manufacturing and selling chemical weapons and other forms of high tech weaponry. The other thing is always consider the source of the intel. Is it reliable, or just more CIA propaganda? Even if real, is it exactly as portrayed by the US government? Another question is what role do oil prices play?  http://money.cnn.com/2013/08/27/investing/oil-syria-military/

)( 30.Aug.2013 15:51


Yeah, the bombings aren't even going to have any significant effect. It's just a retaliatory measure meant to defer the further use of chemical weapons.