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The Elliott Rainforest: For sale?

Oregon's Department of State Lands (DSL) has announced a new proposal to sell 2,700 acres of the Elliott State Forest, to be voted on at a State Land Board meeting in December. DSL will accept comments on the proposal until September 3rd.

"In a time when the State Land Board should be taking responsibility for the mismanagement of the Elliott State Forest, they are going over the heads of the public and the courts and finding ways to manage our public lands for profit instead of conservation," says Erin Grady, an activist with Cascadia Forest Defenders.

With only two weeks left in the comment period, they have not released any details on age of stand, value of timber or potential environmental impact if these parcels are sold. "They are avoiding public process as much as possible with this decision." says Grady.

Take action! Contact Clara Taylor- clara.taylor@state.or.us at Oregon's Department of State Lands and demand transparency on the issue of Elliott land privatization. Let her know that our ancient forests are not for sale!

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