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Ride ODOT to Barbur to OHSU 6:00PM - 8/21

Tell ODOT not to leave us for dead on Barbur Blvd. Enough is enough.

Friends of Barbur, a grassroots group working to make SW Barbur Blvd a safer place to drive, bike, and live, is doing what it can to support Henry Schmidt, the 20-year-old Lewis and Clark College student was hit and left for dead while walking his bike on Barbur early Friday morning.

Friends of Barbur has also announced a bike ride to visit Henry Schmidt in the hospital. He was left for dead Friday after being hit by car on Barbur Blvd.

The ride will meet tomorrow (Wednesday, 8/21) in front of the Oregon Department of Transportation Region 1 headquarters (123 NW Flanders) at 6:00 pm, and will ride on Barbur to OHSU. Friends of Barbur volunteer Kiel Johnson is leading the ride. You can follow him via Twitter @go_by_bike for the location of the ride and/or to join the group en route to the hospital.

homepage:  link to bikeportland.org
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