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It needs to be noted: That the truth of the new math construct (as presented by m concoyle) cannot be judged by today's experts, since that is like having the authorities of the Ptolemaic system judge the truth of Copernicus's system in that age. They are different ideas expressed in languages whose assumptions, contexts, containment sets and interpretations, etc are quite different and quite incompatible with one another.
That is, the truth of the new math-physics construct will be found based on both (1) its descriptions of new properties, and descriptions of new contexts within a new interpretive format, and (2) the practically useful instruments, and inventions, as well as new creative contexts, which emerge from the new math-physics descriptive structure.

See scribd.com put in its search-bar m concoyle
for 7 different books about new intellectually revolutionary ideas
See scribd.com put in its search-bar m concoyle for 7 different books about new intellectually revolutionary ideas

The propagandists will claim that "its truth" (the truth espoused by the experts and journalists who serve the propaganda system) must be determined by "the intellectually superior people," those superior people, the experts whom the propagandists uphold, and which the media has cataloged in their push for the public to worship the personality-cult defined by the people at the top of institutions which the propaganda system supports, where personality-cult is the religion which the media develops and maintains (and propagates), and the personal history (the CIA records, the records which serve the interests of (and are available to) the owners of society) concerning "m concoyle," does not show him to be either a genius, or at all that capable, so this description "he gives" cannot be true, based on the risk assessment, which is used to determine investment risks. That is, this "truth" (which the propaganda system serves) is based on the type of personality which best serves the interests of the owners of society.
Note: Now the intelligence of an individual is defined to be "a person's testing behavior," which can be learned (or improved) through a scheme of behavior modification, ie as stated on a PBS 8-9-13 TV-show about the brain. Intelligence is (was) measured as achievement, in regard to "an assumed set of educational development levels," ie it was a measure of high-cultural advancement, where "high-culture" is, effectively, determined by the owners of society. That is, intelligence (in a manner similar to defining an economy) has no meaning, except as an emotional attribute, which expresses a value of high and low, and which is used by the propaganda system, which, in turn, is vaguely supported by experts whom gather statistics about people's behavior patterns.
But this is the way the propaganda system operates.
The journalists are essentially mindless brown-nosers, and the experts are pathetically indoctrinated obsessive types, who are also mindless, ie without a capacity to judge the value of a new idea by themselves, the experts have always been guided (and motivated) by the propaganda-education system.
So one sees the circular-ness of the meaningless logic, which is the basis for modern rationality, a rationality which is based on both propaganda which guides the experts, and experts, who simply compete within the narrow rules which are provided to them (provided for them by the propaganda-education system), but these competitive people have not judged "truth" for themselves, except in terms of irrelevant details about their data collecting processes, where data is always interpreted inside a theory, which the data really does not uphold, ie the data is filtered by the theory, ie the theory directs the attention as to what is counted as data. The expressions of "ideas" of both the media and the wage-slave experts, are based on this circular-rationality, because these efforts (of the media and the experts) are all about serving the interests of the owners of society.
Neither the math nor physicist asks:
"Why all this pointless complication (in a process which supports the authoritative theory)?"
"Why are the very stable properties of a wide range of general and very fundamental physical systems not being described based on the laws of physics and mathematics?"
They seem to accept the ridiculous claim that "these systems are too complicated to describe," even though they are stable systems, and can be distinguished from one another based on these stable and precise properties. But the existence of these properties, of stability and precise measurable properties, imply a linear, stable, metric-invariant, and continuously commutative (almost) everywhere, set-structure, of both physical properties as well as these math properties, being related to such consistently measurable stable physical systems.

"Who is there who can judge fundamental truths?"
"Who is there to judge the value of someone's creative efforts?"
The truth of an idea or of a construct is related to the range of understanding, that the viewpoint provides, and the range of practically creative things, and the new range of "the creative context," which determine such value to be associated to new ideas and new constructs.
The bankers and the Roman-Emperors were both incorrectly attributed to possess such judgment about both value and to be able to judge truth, ie investment risks. But investments and directing the development of already "known technologies," are not about developing new ideas, rather they are about exploiting traditions and exploiting animosities and competitions within a narrow context.
We need to re-kindle the idea that the law of society is to be based on equality, in relation to knowledge and creativity, as Socrates saw it.

The main issue confronting the US public has been framed by the Occupy Movement, it is "the 1% vs. the 99%." Because US law follows the law of the Roman-empire, and is based on property rights and minority rule. This means that the public institutions are supporting, in a collective fashion, the right of a few to steal from everyone else, so that this "right to steal" is supported by both public institutions and by extreme violence. It is claimed that, this social structure is supported, so that this ruling few can supply to the masses the, so called, great works of technology. But the fixed structure of authoritative knowledge, where its fixedness has caused "knowledge based technology" to become stunted in its expansion, due to control of information and control of what is proclaimed to possess high-value.
But high-value in human terms is knowledge and creativity, not material possession and highly controlled authoritative dogmas. Science has been re-instituted as an authoritative dogmatic institution, no different from the authoritative church in the age of Copernicus. One of the ways in which this has been done, is through formalized axiomatic, where math is "not" based on intuition and context and interpretation and new containment structures, rather mathematics was given "fixed rules," which were assumed could be applicable to all contexts, where quantitative structures might apply.
Thus, one has the carefully determined set of, so called, truths, which are true only within the rules of language, and these patterns of language have no relation to precise measurable descriptions of existence, nor to practical useful ideas associated to existence. Axiomatic formalization creates only a literary context for creativity, it is unrelated to existence as we can perceive it.
This is possible, since the ruling class is allowed to identify a narrow range of knowledge (ie the knowledge upon which the power of the ruling class depends) to which an abnormally high amount of (arbitrary) value is associated. But it only has high-value to the ruling class, since their great products the ruling class provides to the public, in a similar way as the Romans gave to its conquered people, the great works based on the narrow set of ideas associated to brick-technology. Similarly, today, the narrow set of ideas associated to "19th century science" of thermal and electrical science, are the basis for the so called great works, which it is claimed that the ruling class provides to the public.
But the issue is that the "1%" are at war with the "99%" and this is because the "1%" want to make sure that there are no new ideas which emerge from the "99%" whose technical value is greater than 19th century science, so that this would allow other ideas and other inventions to compete for the propagandistic title of the greatest "brick layer," or the greatest "technology." That is, the Roman-emperors provided brick-laying to the public, while the ruling-class today (2013) provides the technology of 19th century science. Furthermore, this is the proof that the high-value defined by the ruling class is superior to the value of the public.
Thus, this knowledge of the relation of 19th century science to the complicated instruments of today, is guarded by: making it very complicated, and highly competitive, in a game which is unfair.
As S Jobs showed "the children of the electrical engineers" can be used to base a high-tech company. That is, this is the same structure as trade-guilds and the monopolistic relation that trade-guilds had to bankers in the 11th century, where this was the transition time between, power being held by a solitary ruler, to a similar social power being possessed by bankers, in association with the church, where the church is the center of authority and the basis for propaganda.
So that this social-domination by bankers was well realized by the 15th century, where the Medici would be a good example of the power of bankers in that age.
Science was supposed to have changed this formula for social control ie the bankers and the church controlling the idea of high-social-value within society, but science quickly became professional, and the autistic Newton disdained relating his ideas to society, so as to result in social knowledge, ie an elitist protected knowledge of science, serving the moneyed-interests.
This was allowed since the social-institution of wage-slavery was developed in Rome (or perhaps Sumeria), and based on extreme violence, and the possession of special knowledge, ie brick-laying.
Note: The best social position for the middle-class was to be in the Roman-army, which required an entry-investment, which only someone in the middle-class could afford.
Furthermore, this is a house of cards, up-held mostly by propaganda and traditions. The rulers have no more value than anyone else, but the language of the propaganda-education system is based on this fraud of high-value.
This is exactly the point at which the ideas of Socrates, about equal free-inquiry, enter. The ideas of Socrates are ideas which take-down the illusion of high-value which the ruling class has cleverly instituted within society, but the idea that there be a ruling-class is also based on extreme violence, which is needed to support law being based on property rights and minority rule, ie the basis for Roman-law, ie the right to steal and be supported in a collective manner (by society) for that theft.

The Declaration of Independence stated that US law was to be based on equality, so as to break from the western traditions of violence which were set in place by Rome where law has been based on property rights and minority rule and by the violence through which this social structure could be maintained, but the US society and the administrators of the law could not maintain this ideal, mostly because of the conditioning of the European culture of which the aristocracy of the US who led the revolution were a part. But nonetheless the reason the US colonies thrived as much as it did was about the egalitarian Quakers. It is the Quaker colonies which was the most thriving and it was the most energetic of all the colonies. This is the rule for western civilization, where very equal societies developed the thought-of-the-culture and the energy for a culture, over a very brief time duration, and then the context of violence and dominant thought patterns within which these egalitarian communities were surrounded and where these dominant thought patterns were prevalent within the equal community so that some of the individuals in the equal societies started developing advantages over the other individuals in the community and they used these advantages to gain greater social power so to subsequently dominate the community.
This is the story of the community from which Socrates existed, where Socrates expressed the main property of an individual who exists in an equal society, namely, that an individual has the right to equal free-inquiry. That is, any person has the right to gain knowledge (through equal free-inquiry) and to use that knowledge to create new things, so that this creativity is motivated by a selfless desire to give gifts back to the earth, where the earth is the main nourisher of one's own life.
The human being is an entity who is:
gentle, and a
creative entity;
while a person within unequal societies learns to be authoritative, violent, and narrow, and to live with an "us vs. them" world-viewpoint, an "inside of the group vs. someone outside the group" awareness, eg an outsider questions the validity and authority of the narrow viewpoint of the inside group, but where the inside group represents (an arbitrary) high-social-value.
But in science this has been re-interpreted to also be an "inside vs. outside" the group where value is identified in a context defined by a mythological existence of an absolute truth which is associated with possessing the correct viewpoint (ie the insider's viewpoint).
Thus, there is an elitist viewpoint that after the earth was "put into the correct frame of reference" by Copernicus, and "materialism was associated to measuring" [but dependent on the measuring existing at a certain size-scale], and a continuum was developed, so as to define the construct of local measuring of properties defined on the sets within which the system (whose properties are contained) is contained (where the containment is based on the idea of materialism) and the material identifies a particular size-scale, then if one is outside this narrow dogma then one is again considered to be outside the group of the superior intellects who accept this dogma of materialism and its absolute relation to differential equations. But is a differential equation a model of local measuring as defined and used by Newton, or is it about sets of operators defined on function spaces, without clear physical restrictions placed onto the properties of the function space (then), the operator viewpoint has not been able to identify the observed order of physical systems, so that modeling a physical system as a function space has not been valid, and modeling descriptive contexts which depend on the idea of "indefinable randomness" (randomness based on unstable [or unidentifiable] patterns) have not shown themselves to be valid. That is, formalized axiomatic has led to delusional viewpoints concerning modeling by "formalized axiomatic patterns" properties observed within existence.

Should societies be based on collectivism which is in support of the stealing which is successfully undertaken by a special elite-few, a collective support for a society based on stealing, and fixed dogmas, and this highly stratified society is maintained by violence and terror, but the high-value of such a stratified and unequal society is arbitrary and leads to failure,
Should societies be based on individualism and equality, and ideas developed based on equal free-inquiry?

The issue of a described truth can now be placed onto computers as written descriptions, where the computer can identify letter-strings and word-strings, which, in turn, can be related to selecting the expression's (within a written paper) set of assumptions, contexts, interpretations.., etc, which are being expressed within the descriptive language as belonging to different categories "associated to these properties of language" (or of a descriptive structure) in regard to the descriptive language one is trying to build (or simply by requiring that a person who is expressing ideas, also must identify the assumptions contexts etc, by which they are basing their descriptions) and this should be true, especially, when one is in the context of equal free-inquiry, and trying to determine a truth within the very limiting context of precise descriptive language, where the limitations are expressed by both (1) the idea that one's precise description be based on the reliability of measuring and based on the existence of stable patterns, as well a (2) by Godel's incompleteness theorem (ie that there are many patterns which a precise descriptive language cannot describe), in regard to precise descriptions, based on developing the idea of quantity based descriptions in turn (in regard to Godel's ideas) based-on identifying a uniform unit of measuring and then counting to form the basis for measuring comparisons (these are the simple ideas about quantity upon which Gödel based the proof of his incompleteness theorem).

To promote the idea of law based on equality, as stated by the Declaration of Independence, so as to break from the western tradition of violence, as defined by the Roman civilization, equality is to be interpreted to mean that we are equal creators, ie each individual is an independent creator, where each person is to discern truth develop the knowledge which they need to create a new thing and then create that thing. Then to sell this idea or thing within a truly free-market, where the point of government is to support each person's individual equal creative capacity and to not allow markets to become dominated by the so called good ideas but, perhaps, more importantly not to allow advertising other than presenting the specifications and uses of a created material or mental product, in a categorized list of products. Where the more demanded products need to be collectivized and controlled in regard to their over-all affects (or even possible affects) on the earth. The baloney about individuals need to profit from their creations is a bunch of baloney it is creativeness in a context where judgment of the value of a creation is not allowed, since such judgment determines an inside and outside to the idea of value and these insides vs. outsides are maintained by violence, where mental violence of this type of value-judgment is the more dangerous type (or way) of promoting violence. The main ideas on which the creative attributes of our society are built were developed by Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Boyle, a few thermal scientists, Faraday, and Tesla, so the argument that those with the good ideas should profit, should have also resulted in these (just listed) families being the richest families in the world. But clearly they are not. This can only mean that those families, which are so rich, must have gained their riches from stealing and an associated set of behaviors by those in society which result in institutional violence and direct violence, where this institutional violence supports the thieves and it opposes the public. These behaviors are preformed by: the justice system, the military, the professionals who maintain the complicated instruments for the rich, and most notably by the propaganda-education system which is only allowed to express the ideas of a certain type of a high-valued truth, whose truth must be protected, for fear that the public be mis-informed.
Yeah... , right... , like the media expresses truth.

The media is all about irrelevant baloney, and digging-into the details concerning all the red-herrings (ie information which mis-directs and mis-informs), which are planted in the media, and framed in language which supports inequality and a mis-guided viewpoint about truth.

All the issues about injustice needs to be re-framed as re-formulating law in the US so that US law is based on equality and not based on property rights and minority rule, where property rights and minority rule was the basis for the law of the Roman-Empire, as well as monarchies, as well as the basis for rule by the bankers-oilmen-military big business people, ie the basis for the 1% to rule.
All issues about violence and the ineptitude of the justice system (ie injustice), and the military violence, need to be framed in terms of "basing law" on equality.

Instead of social collectivism based on violence (or imposed by violence), which is the distinguishing feature of both capitalism, and Marxism (except Marx was arguing for an elite set of leaders who were not necessarily rich) consider the idea of equality where the main point of society is the creativity of each individual.
The individual must:
1. determine what they want to create
2. They must develop a precise language within which whose context the creation can take place
3. Within this endeavor they must discern truth for themselves
4. Supply creative alternatives to the problems which they cannot surmount.

Particle-physics is an endless discussion about irrelevancies, where one can know that this is true, since there is not anything that one can create within the descriptive context of particle-physics, particle-physics is only about determining the cross-sections of elementary-particles, and this only relates to "rates of nuclear-reactions."

Basing the organization of society on the equal creative powers of each individual, in an individual-based society, ie not a collective society, is incorrectly related to Marxism... ,
(planning society based on committees of elites (or Marxism) vs. planning society based on committees of selfishly motivated elites of capitalism; is essentially, the same form of government.)
... , with the claim that "a society of equal individuals is a form of Marxism." This statement is completely incorrect, and is a smoke-screen to mis-direct the public into not paying attention to the fact that capitalism is the collective and it is about governing based on a committee who plan society based on their selfish interests and the collective society does the bidding of these selfish few people.
The reality is that there is virtually no difference between Marxism and capitalism, as the example of China shows (or does it show that Marxism is a better collective society for capitalism than capitalism can form a collective society based on stealing and violence).

These types of mis-leading statements are a result of one of the main tactics of propaganda. Namely, that of supplying society with an endless supply of irrelevant ideas.
This is the main condition of quantum physics and particle-physics (ie expressing non-useful ideas), especially particle-physics, while quantum physics is a result of a highly protected dogma associated to an authoritative intellectual tradition, ie it is a result of requiring intellectual elitism, ie a manufactured elitism needed to make the control of language much easier. That is, the idea of the existence of an expert who knows the absolute truth about a subject. The thermal and electrical engineers associated to 19th century science are the only experts who possess knowledge related to making products. But given the mysteries which have been observed for the structure of our existence, and the failure of the idea of materialism to provide answers concerning the structure of the observed properties of material and the failure to provide new ideas about practical creative development, means that the highly-valued truth of the experts is a "failed-truth."
The "1%" have failed to provide truth which can result in expansion of creativity, based on practical creativity (as opposed to the somewhat sterile literary creativity, though it is the western tradition to based creativity on a described truth, but in regard to practicality one wants a measurable description, where measuring is reliable and the patterns being described are stable). Furthermore, the fact that the re-newable energy sources should have been developed back in 1900, but instead the justice-system gave to the oil-barons a free-reign to dominate society and destroy the environment. This was done by the justice system, and this alone should mean that the law of the land should be changed so that law is based on equality to know and create.
That the "1%" have failed to provide truth which can result in expansion of creativity, means that the high-value (provided to the public by the owners of society) is nothing but an illusion, and that the social institutions are corrupt, and they failed in showing any type of valid capacity for judgment.

The US needs a new continental congress, so as to establish that "US law be based on equality," so that the government serves so as to address "the common welfare of the public," and so that each person is seen as an equal creator, who can contribute their creations to a truly free-market, where the market is to be protected from domination by a few, or by a few products.
This is not the collectivism of capitalism, which is run by a few (very very rich) for their selfish interests.
Start by creating a central bank controlled by the continental congress. Protect some institutional systems, which can be changed later, but pinch-off all the debt and the trillions in paper-money bets.

The problem is that we are born into the world, and the world supports and nourishes our lives.
On the other hand, capitalism (as well as any type of collectivism) is based on stealing the valuable parts of the earth, upon which we are nourished and upon which we base our material creations, and then stealing the creative ideas of others, so as that this theft is maintained by the social institutions which are based on violence, and which support the thieves, so as to force people to buy these stolen constructs from the main thieves of society, the thieves who create an image of possessing high-value.
This is maintained primarily with propaganda, where the best example of propaganda and its close relation with the maintenance of the social position of the thieves, is Constantine (ie propaganda is not new) and how he crafted a manual (or book) of an Empire's propaganda, and he called it (or it was already called) the Bible, where Constantine followed Paul (the true creator of the Christian church) where Paul was a master of propaganda.
Using language to influence people so as to support an external structure of which the public are but a little part (this is the structure of both the church and of the Roman-Empire). Thus, the people are supporting ideas which are in opposition to their own interests.
The trick, in regard to Paul's propaganda, is that the main point of religion, is the statement that people are equal, eg love your enemy, etc, but the institutional church is about expressing institutional inequality, and this is done in the name of the person who loved his enemies.
Constantine saw the way the church's propaganda, in fact, could be used to support an unequal empire and empire almost exclusively based on violence, (the early Christians were themselves quite violent, in regard to their different, competing, sects, apparently, this violence was a result of the intrinsic violence of the society of which they were a part), although the Roman army built many substantial things with bricks.
Again this is the blueprint for capitalism, where there are some products which the society values, thermal and mechanical constructs and an electrical technology which almost all is derived from the ideas of Faraday and Tesla.
Where Faraday and Tesla show that people primarily like to create, and they do so mostly in a selfless manner, as both Faraday and Tesla demanded very little from those who used their ideas.
The main idea of TV was invented in 1910, as a mechanical device, and this idea was realized by fast switches on a cathode-ray tube, and then the fast switches led to the computer. The transistor and the circuit-board allowed full development and miniaturization, where the transistor is not so much about quantum description but rather about thermal techniques which allowed for impurities to be introduced into the crystals lattice, and then incorporated locally on a crystal (or isolated, with chemical layers, so as to be local), so as to build circuit boards on crystals. Though they use quantum properties of the semi-conductor, they are built based on classical thermal-chemical and classical optical properties so the quantum properties are incorporated into, and used within, a classical electric circuit.

One of the strongest holds over society is the belief by the public (as well as the investor class) in the absolute-truth which is espoused by the authorities through the propaganda system. Truths as identified by the experts and the investors, where the investors have a very strong influence over the education system and research in very strong ways.
This is the belief structures of the collective, which is gathered together through (by means of): direct violence, the violence of the social institutions which uphold the right of the minority to steal and the propaganda-education system, and the intrinsic violence of the economic system which maintains this collective support for the (very selfish) ruling-few.
This is controlled by the propaganda and violent cultural traditions of a very violent western culture, where one of the results of this institutional violence is the condition of wage-slavery, a condition imposed on the public by the justice system where law is based on property rights, ie the right to steal, and minority rule, ie the assumption of government by the few that people are not equal. This imposition of wage-slavery was done in a manner similar to the way in which the justice system re-instituted, essential, slavery in the southern US in the 1870's and the 1880's.
Wage-slavery was imposed in the US by both property rights and controlling immigration ie the politicians were always controlled by their "being a part of the propaganda system"...
(through which many individual politicians could make great fortunes),
... , and by squeezing the poor, who did not own property.
It also requires a system of domestic terrorism and spying, where the reason for the spying is to be able to precisely control and target the, so called, "enemies" of the ruling-class, the few who stray outside the confines of the propaganda system.
But most enemies have already made deals with the ruling-class, so they are caught-up in the propaganda system, while thinking on one's own "is (can be) outside the propaganda system," but it is not done by an enemy, but rather it is done by a true competitor, someone with better ideas.

The new context for realistic possibilities, ie the new ideas about set-containment of a measured existence, is expansive.
The ultimate context which it identifies, is the realm where thoughtful living systems consider
"How to extend the scope and properties of existence itself."
"How to extend to higher-dimensions."
"How to fashion new shapes with new properties."
Or the more mundane, yet, which might seem even more exotic:
"How to use finite spectral-sets so as to have both stability of pattern (of existence) and a "fluid" use of existing patterns and shapes?"

The practical use of existence is about: harnessing energy, using stable existing angular momentum structures (associated to the stable circle-spaces defined over many-dimensions), using the relations of many-dimensional existence and its relation to both size-scale and to infinite extent relations to the (an) over-all containment set, especially, as applied to some living-systems, which are subsets to this many-dimensional structure.