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Cascadia Calling!

Comrades, Allies, Friends! For almost three months, Cascadia Forest Defenders have been tree sitting and blockading the White Castle Timber sale - against the destruction of the remaining old forests and for the right of all living things to exist. We intend to stay until is White Castle is once more a forest and no longer a timber sale and will continue to maintain our blockades while pressuring the powers that be to back off.

We are calling out for more blockaders, tree sitters, dreamers, the malcontent, all folks of a diversity of skill sets and abilities to come join us.

As the rain begins to fall to quench the fires, we are asking you to help us do the opposite. Come out and join us. New to this whole thing? We will train you up. An old hand? Love to get your input and benefit from your experience. Whether you can only stay for a week or until the last mill is shut down, all are welcome.

This is a front in the battle for all living things!

Cascadia Forest Defenders

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