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Austria and Slovenia Set All-time Heat Records; Record Heat in Shanghai, China

A historic heat wave is underway in Central Europe, where both both Austria and Slovenia set all-time national heat records on August 8.
Three locations in Austria passed the 40C (104F) mark, beating the former national record of 39.9C (103.8F) set just last week, on August 3rd at Dellach im Drautal. According to the Austrian met service, ZAMG, the hottest spot was Bad Deutsch-Altenburg, with a 40.5C (104.9F) reading. Slovenia also surpassed its national heat record on August 8, with a 40.8C (105.4F) reading at Cerklje ob Krki (former record: 40.6C (105.1F) at Crnomelj on July 5, 1950.) Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, has broken its all-time heat record five of the past six days, with each day hotter than the previous record. The newest record is the 40.2C (104.4) recorded on August 8th. Records go back 150 years at this station.

Remarkable heat in East Asia
China's most populous city, Shanghai, broke its all-time record for hottest temperature on record for the second time this summer on August 7, when the mercury topped out at 40.8C (105.4F). The previous record was set just the day before (40.6C/105.1F), and also on July 26th. Prior to this summer, the record for Shanghai was 40.2C (104.4F) during the summer of 1934. Records in Shanghai date back to 1872. Today (August 8th), the temperature peaked at 40.2C (104.4F), so Shanghai has had its four hottest days in its history this summer. Extreme heat was also experienced over South Korea and Japan today, and wunderground's weather historian Christopher C. Burt has the details in his latest post. Many more all-time heat records may have fallen in both Central Europe and East Asia, and Chris plans to update his post with all the latest records on Friday.