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Video (about 3 mins): Your TV Might Be Watching You!


In my qualified "considered opinion" this not only Violates the Rights of We, the People.. it violates THE ENTRAPMENT Laws set forth. Look ENTRAPMENT up in the Law Dictionary's.

Dear V.K. Durham,

Welcome to the surveillance age,
where everything you possess can
be used by the State to spy on you.

I have been using a little piece of
electric tape to cover my computer
cameras for years but I don't go to
the extreme of disabling my computer's
mic, which is not addressed in this piece.

Video (about 3 mins):

Your TV Might Be Watching You!


- Alexandra

P.S. If you're attending the CONTACT in the DESERT
event, starting today at the beautiful Joshua Tree Retreat
Center, and if you're interested in meeting me, in person,
the event organizers have set a room aside, Noble Hall,
in this fabulous, Frank Lloyd Wright-designed complex,
and they've scheduled a session for some Meet and Greet,
Q & A and One-on-One Conversations with me, this
Saturday between 5:45 - 6:30pm. I can't wait to
meet you face-to-face! I'd love to know more about you
and what issues you think need more coverage and
whatever else you think is important!

I'm very excited about this amazing event and I'm looking
forward to seeing you there (scroll up on this page to see the
Friday speaker schedule and use the tabs at the top of the
page to see Saturday & Sunday schedules)!

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Alexandra Bruce
Publisher, ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.com

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